How often does my dog need groomed?

Upon becoming a pet owner, a common question asked is how often your dog should be groomed. The answer really depends on your dog. Dogs with quick growing hair, or skin folds that require constant cleaning will need more attention than will other dogs. As a rule, every 4-6 weeks seems to be sufficient for maintaining coat health. The best way to determine how often your dog needs groomed is to take it to a professional dog groomer. They will have years of experience with a broad range of breeds, hair and skin types and will be able to give you a schedule that works for you and your dog’s needs.

There are several things that you can do at home to make sure your dog stays clean between grooming, including wiping out eyes and ears, brushing your dog’s hair at least 3 times a week, and checking paws and nails for breaks or foreign objects. While these things are helpful, there are times when a professional dog grooming service is needed. If your dog does not like his nails trimmed, for instance, it is better to leave that job for a professional staff that has the knowledge and tools for the job. Also, it can be a messy job trying to keep up with seasonal shedding.

When you have determined it is time to put your dog’s grooming needs into the hands of a professional, Los Angeles Dog Grooming is prepared to meet all of your dog’s grooming needs. Your dog will feel completely at ease in the hands of our professional staff. Allow our resident groomer to give your pet a trendy trim, and he will leave feeling like royalty. Every dog that comes through our doors is treated with the love and care they deserve.

Some of the services we have available are luxurious baths, brush-outs, pet-a-cures, anal gland expression, and sanitary cuts. We never cage dry, which ensures your dog will always be handled with love and care. While the price is subject to the size of dog, we are able to handle any size of dog with any grooming need.

Allow our staff to get to know your dog, which will help you in determining how often your pet should come to us for grooming. Although it is best to begin grooming your dog when they are very young so they are used to all aspects of grooming, our staff is trained and capable of helping your dog stay calm and even enjoy their pampering.

If your dog is a member of our Wag’s Club, a doggie daycare service for dogs, you will enjoy these services at a 20% discount. If your dog is not a member, still enjoy a 15% discount on your puppy’s birthday! Entrust your dog grooming needs to the experts at Los Angeles Dog Daycare.

5 Tips to Bathe Your Dogs

While the idea of a warm, bubble filled bath sounds like something we all wish we had more time for, our dogs do not often share the same sentiment. The need for a bath is usually known when they begin to stink and their coat begins to feel dirty, and appear dull. As owners we like our pets to smell and feel fresh and clean, but many dogs have no problem with being stinky and would rather do anything other than taking a bath.
Los Angeles Dog Daycare has come up with 5 tips to help you with your dog's bath.

  1. Start young, and make it fun!
    As with all aspects of dog training, you will have the most success if you start the process when your dog is young. While you may never convince your dog that a bath is fun, you can, through positive reinforcement allow them to realize that it's not terrible, either.
    To make bath time a rewarding experience, have a stash of treats handy, and reward constantly and consistently. Reward for getting into the tub, for staying in, for allowing you to shampoo and rinse.
    Another idea to make bath time fun is to have a collection of toys that your dog only gets to play with at bath time. At the beginning of bath time, put the toys in the tub and allow your dog to get excited at the prospect of playing.
  2. Prepare your tub
    Dogs often are scared if they feel out of control, and a slippery bath tub surface will not help a dog feel confident that he is not going to fall. Consider investing in a bath mat that will help keep your dog from slipping. This will also help prevent the chances of injury if your dog does thrash around or try to get away from you. If you do not have a bath mat, a towel should work as well. If you do not have a detachable shower head, you will want to have a cup or small bucket available. Larger dogs are hard to maneuver directly under the water, and the cup will help you to get all of the soap off of your dogs coat.
  3. Prepare your Dog
    Before you get to the tub, make sure you have removed anything from the dog you do not want getting wet. While you may need his collar as a way to hold on to him, you may want to remove any tags or accessories. It is also a good idea to do a quick brushing to remove extra hair.
  4. Work from neck down
    It is important to protect your dog's ears, mouth and eyes while bathing. The best way to do that is to use a washcloth to gently clean the face area, and then only really wash from the neck down. Getting water in your dogs ears can lead to infections.
  5. Properly drying
    A thorough towel drying is all that is necessary, but if your dog isn't scared of the noise, blow drying will get them dry and adorably fluffy. Be prepared for your dog to do a huge shake when he first gets out!

Los Angeles Dog Grooming Services

I am a firm believer that if you have not been properly trained to be a dog groomer that it is best left up to a professional. Just think about how you would feel if a non-professional worked your do into a don’t. Dog groomers also are able to give you experienced opinion of what you should do when it comes to length, style and for some, coloring. There are endless options that can be taken and a good dog groomer will provide a wide assortment of those options. One thing to consider is the timing of when you are having Fluffy’s hair cut. If it is the middle of winter it will probably not be the best time for a buzz. However a simple trim around the edges may be all that is required. Also in the same vein as timing is if you regularly put them into doggie day care then that may be the best time to knock out two birds with one stone. Many dog daycares will provide for dog grooming while the dog is staying at the facility. If you don’t typically take your dog to daycare then another option would be for when you board them. Regardless of whether or not you take your dog to daycare, board them or neither, it is usually the best option to take them to a professional groomer rather than risk making Fido look like a Trump impressionist because you took too much off the top. In the end your dog will love you eternally more if you take the time and effort to make them look more beautiful than they even did before.

What is Dog Grooming and Its Benefits?

Dog grooming may entail ribbons, bows, and hours of blow drying for some pampered pooches, but it’s about much more than keeping your dog’s appearance in competition form. It’s also about maintaining your dog’s hygiene and physical health. In fact, there are a myriad of benefits associated with being a well-groomed dog, including:

Removal of Dead Skin and Hair

Any quality dog groomer will be well-trained in the best and safest techniques to remove dead skin and hair from your dog, resulting in improved air circulation and a polished coat. Depending on your experience and your dog’s temperament, you may be able to groom him yourself. Many dog owners, however, prefer to avoid the mess and frustration by choosing to leave the grooming to the professionals. Regardless of who holds the clippers, grooming is an important aspect in maintaining the appearance of your dog’s coat and should be done regularly.

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