Top 20 Dog-Friendly Trails in Greater Los Angeles, CA

Although Los Angeles is a large city, there are many wonderful hikes you can take with your dog around the city. Surrounded by hills, mountains, forests and the beach, the Los Angeles area experiences beautiful year-round weather and is ideal for trail walks and hikes with your dog.

  1. Griffith Park: Bronson Canyon: Griffith Park features many trails across 4,300 acres of parklands, and Bronson Canyon is a short hike that is less than one mile in length. As a film set for several movies and featuring a short tunnel that is known as Batman’s famous Batcave, this is a fun place for you and your dog to explore.

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Entertain Your Pooch with Music

We dog owners have been snickered at by our non-pet owner friends in the past for leaving on a radio or television for their pet to "enjoy" while we are away. However, multiple research studies have shown that music can have a calming effect on a dog's behavior, especially when anxious or in boarding situations like kennels or long drives in a doggie carrier. In fact, many radio stations and TV networks have caught on to this positive research and have developed specific stations for your pets' listening pleasure.

The research also suggests that certain tempered dogs respond better to certain beats of music. If you're wondering what kind of temper your dog may have, and if he or she is, the boarding facility, The Wags Club in Los Angeles can provide that information. They can also provide recommendations for trainers to help calm an anxious pooch.

Here are a few things to remember when choosing music and the situations to use sound to help your four-footed friend.

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Best dog beaches in Los Angeles, CA

A great dog beach will provide a safe environment for dogs to run, play, swim and interact with other dogs. The beach is kept clean; dog friendly beaches provide supplies for clean up and have food and water readily available. While many dogs prefer off-leash dog beaches, some prefer the safety of the leash. Los Angeles County, CA does not allow dogs (any pets, for that matter) on any county beaches; however, there are plenty of other candidates for the best dog beaches in Los Angeles. Following are some of the top dog beaches in Los Angeles. Ranking from #10 to the #1 dog beach in the area are:

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Where to take my dog for dog walking. Best areas in Los Angeles, CA?

Los Angeles is one of the most dog friendly cities in Southern California. It features following nine official dog parks plus one unofficial dog park, which handily answers the question where to take my dog for walking:

  • Wattles Garden Park on the grounds of the Wattles Mansion welcomes leashed dogs.
  • Hermon Dog Park at Arroyo Seco Park is fully fenced and allows pet owners to enjoy the privilege of spending some quality time with their furry friends without a leash.
  • Pershing Square welcomes leashed pets to this public park featuring a fountain and water pool.

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