What Is Routine Care For My Dog?

The best way to keep your dog healthy and away from the vet is to take steps for basic care. While these are all things you could do yourself, they are also services that Los Angeles Dog Daycare can provide for your pet while you are working, allowing you to spend quality time with your pet at home. The following list is made up of services that a luxury dog daycare will provide.

  • Bathing
    Your dog should be bathed at least once a month. Too often will dry out their skin and strip hair of naturally occurring oils. Weekly bathing is great, and allows for routine checks for bugs, bumps, or changes in the skin.
  • Tooth Care
    While our canine companions are not as likely to develop cavities as we are, they do benefit from routine dental care. You can purchase a special tooth brush and paste for your dog, or buy specialized chews meant to remove tartar from the teeth. This can also help your dog's breath smell pleasant.
  • Ear Care
    When cleaning your dog's ears, it is incredibly important to be gentle. A dog's ears are very sensitive. Always use a cotton ball, and start from the top of the ear and work downwards. Stop when you feel resistance.
  • Eye Care
    Because dog's eyes are susceptible to the same eye infections that we are, eyes should be regularly wiped with a warm, damp washcloth.
  • Grooming
    Regular grooming greatly assists in keeping your dog healthy. Brush your dog daily, and take to a groomer at least once a month.
  • Exercise
    Exercise is very important to keeping your dog healthy and happy. Your dog should receive at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, whether through walking or play.
  • Paws
    Daily checks to ensure no foreign objects have become embedded in your pups paws are beneficial. Daily checks will also help you know if your dog's paws are dry or have sustained an injury.
  • Skin
    Physically and visually checking your dogs skin will help you determine things like dry skin, or lumps under the skin.

The benefit of enrolling your dog in the best doggie daycare in Los Angeles is that these are all services that we provide. We know that your days are long, and that a work day can be draining. That's the benefit of Los Angeles Dog Daycare. Your dog will be routinely cared for so you can relax with your pet when you get home.

Is Massage Therapy Right for your Dog?

Massage therapy dates back thousands of years to early China and Egyptian civilizations. I wonder what they'd think of us now, extending that therapy to our four-legged friends? Dogs can enjoy many of the same benefits as their human counterparts during a massage session.

We all know how our pets enjoy a scratch behind the ears or on the tummy. Massages last longer and go deeper than the superficial pets we give them throughout the day. Here are a few reasons to incorporate massage into the life of your pet:

Increased Circulation: Massaging the muscles increases circulation to all areas of the body and increases the cells' ability to carry oxygen and nutrients where they need to go.

Increased Flexibility and Range of Motion: This is especially important for older dogs, dogs recovering from surgery or dogs in agility training. Massage helps to loosen and heal tight and over-worked muscles and loosen stiffened joints.

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What to do if your dog eat chocolate.

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Can my dog die from eating chocolate?

Although, dog chocolate poisoning is very dangerous for your dog, it can be less harmful if you learn a few things about it. It is important to know that Ingestion of chocolate can cause seizures, vomiting, diarrhea and in some cases death. Dogs tend to like swieet things, but chocolate is never a good choice to satisfy a dog's sweat tooth. Try to choose a healthy alternative as a treat for your dog and keep chocolate well out of reach.

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