What are the cutest dog breeds?

Picking which dog breeds are the cutest is a daunting task, especially when you realize that the American Kennel Club currently recognizes 167 breeds! While the choosing of the cutest breeds can be a very subjective endeavor. However, we here at Los Angeles Dog Daycare have attempted to narrow those 167 different breeds to what we have decided to choose one dog from each recognized type of dog. The different types are; terriers, toys, working, sporting, hound, non-sporting, and herding.

Terrier – The Yorkshire Terrier, affectionately referred to as a Yorkie, is undeniably cute. This feisty breed may be little, but it has a huge personality. Incredibly loyal to its family, it does well in apartments but is perhaps not the best choice for a family with children.

Toy – The Havanese was chosen as the cutest toy breed. This dog is very funny, outgoing, and highly affectionate.

Working – When it comes to cute factor, it is hard to top and Alaskan Malamute. Playful, affectionate and dignified, this dog is great for the active family.

Sporting – Golden Retrievers are an easily recognizable breed, known for its devotion and love for its family. Extremely loyal, the Golden Retriever is a great dog for hunting, or family life.

Non-Sporting – Dalmatians are another easily recognizable breed, due to its distinctive black spots. Did you know that when a Dalmatian is born it doesn’t have any spots? A dependable and smart dog, it is not a breed for the passive owner.

Herding – The Australian Shepherd is another adorable choice for the active family. Outgoing, smart, focused, an enthusiastic are words often used to describe this breed.
Whether or not you agree that these breeds are the cutest, bring your dog, regardless of breed to Los Angeles Dog Daycare today. We promise, cute or not, we will treat your dog with the love and respect it deserves. Our luxury dog daycare would love to spoil your dog with our 12,000 square feet of doggie heaven.

How to travel when you have a pet

The idea of hitting the open road with your pet at your side can be appealing, but often it is more stressful for both you and your pet than it needs to be. Besides making all necessary arrangements for yourself, you must plan for the needs of your pet. They will need their food, any medication, and any supplies needed for walking (leash and collar, harness) and bags for picking up waste. You must plan ahead to:

  • Ensure that any hotels are pet friendly. If staying with a relative, be sure to ask their permission before bringing a pet.
  • Determine that your routes have rest stops convenient for walking your dog for potty breaks and to prevent cramping due to long trips.
  • If traveling by plane, extra steps must be taken, and the inability for your pet to be with you can cause undo stress.
  • Stop by your vet for updated records should you need to provide proof of vaccinations or should your dog be injured or become ill. It is also a good idea to research area vets, or veterinary hospitals near the location you are staying.
    It is hard to think about leaving your dog behind you when you need to travel. However, with all the extra steps that must be taken and that can add to the stress level of both your dog and yourself, consider dog boarding. More specifically, entrust your pet to the friendly staff at Los Angeles Dog Daycare. Rest assured that while you are enjoying your time away, your dog is receiving top of the line care at our luxury dog daycare. Your dog needs are our top priority. Return from your trip relaxed and happy, and pick up your pampered, stress free dog.

Why Dogs are Man's Best Friend

Dogs are our loyal companions, and their loyalty and friendship with humans is unsurpassed by any other species of animal. As a result, we enjoy keeping dogs in our homes, taking them with us everywhere we go and laughing at their engaging antics. The social nature of dogs is the reason why dogs became domesticated and an integral part of our homes; their very nature of delighting us forms the bonds that benefit both species. At The Wags Club, we are fascinated by this bond and the relationships people have with dogs.

Engaging Humans

The behavior that makes dogs so engaging can be seen with semi-domesticated street dogs across the world. Biology professor Ray Coppinger, Ph.D. and his wife, biologist Lorna Coppinger, address the nature of dogs as scavengers in their book, “What Is a Dog?” The dogs’ role of developing into the domesticated companions we know and love today can be traced back to the relationships they easily develop with people.

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Dog Care Tips

Caring for your dog is a joyful task, but there are many important aspects to consider to ensure that you are providing your pet with the care he needs. As a Los Angeles dog daycare provider, The Wags Club is ready to assist you with dog care information to enhance your relationship with your canine companion.

Bathtime Comfort

Although many dogs love water, some dogs prefer to keep their feet dry. Your dog may never enjoy swimming, it is important for him to be comfortable during a bath. Teaching your dog to tolerate this essential part of grooming is as simple as pairing it with food, creating a positive experience and rewarding him with playtime for a job well done. When more positive experiences occur than negative experiences, your dog will be eager to jump right into the tub for bath time.

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Top Ten Most Popular Dogs Breeds in America

When picking out your next furry family member, consider the pros and cons of choosing a breed from the American Kennel Club's list of most popular dogs for the United States. Here are a few things to remember when choosing a popular dog breed:

Vets can easily recognize problems in familiar breeds.
Owners can easily find supplies, foods and medications.
Trainers are most likely familiar with behavioral concerns for standard breeds.
Research and information is plentiful for popular dogs.

The breed can be expensive, especially from reputable breeders.
Over-breeding to keep up with demand can cause serious health issues.
Many "popular" breeds end up as rescues because the owners didn't do their research before jumping on the bandwagon.

At any rate, here is a countdown of the most popular breeds in America for the last three years.

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