How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping On People

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Tired of having groceries knocked out of your hands or getting dirty paw prints on your new clothes as you walk through the door? How about having to always go to your friends’ homes because they can’t stand being licked and jumped on whenever they come over? If so, then it’s about time to establish yourself as the leader of the pack. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can do just that and teach your dog how to calmly say hello to you and your guests.

Understand Your Dog’s Behavioral Instincts

In the canine world, it’s actually instinctual for dog’s to greet one another nose-to-nose and by sniffing each other’s faces. Since your nose is quite a bit taller than your dog’s, it’s only natural for your pooch to want to get as close to your face as possible when greeting you. While this can annoying at times, by understanding your dog’s behavioral instincts and following some of the other tips below, you can train your dog to listen to ignore its instincts and keep all four paws on the ground when it says hello.

Become the Pack Leader

A dog without a pack leader tries to assume the role themselves, often resulting in disaster for both the dog and their owner. In order to keep your dog from jumping on you and asserting themselves, you must become the pack leader by projecting an assertive yet calm energy. Therefore, you shouldn’t shower your dog with affection when you walk through the door. Instead, stay calm, remain assertive, and most importantly, communicate in a way that your dog will understand.

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Puppy

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Puppies are cute, cuddly, and let’s face it, a little weird. Whether they realize it or not, puppies do all sorts of funny and amusing things. From instinctually wanting to run wild for hours on end to being biologically inclined to eat more like a pony than a puppy, let’s take a look at some fun facts you probably didn’t know about these lovable little creatures.

  1. Puppies Love to Sleep
    Puppies sleep all the time, which if you’ve ever spent time around human babies, shouldn’t be too surprising. However, one thing that new puppy owners often realize right away is that puppies can fall asleep at the drop of dime. Seriously, one minute a puppy can be running around or gnawing on a chew toy and the next he or she can be sound asleep.

    While perplexing, this sudden sleep syndrome is understandable given the energy required to grow into a healthy mature dog. Puppies are also getting used to their bodies and often don’t realize just how tired they really are. Combined, these two factors are often to blame whenever your puppy is running around like a sugar addict one second and snoring the next.

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Is Adopting a Shelter Dog a Good Idea?

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Every year, nearly one million dogs are euthanized because no one is willing to give them a loving home. The solution to this heart-wrenching problem is simple: adopt your next dog from your local animal shelter!

There are tons of loyal, lovable, and adoptable dogs out there waiting for a happy home right now. Unfortunately, many people fall victim to the misconceptions that surround shelter dogs and give them a bad rap. By changing these misconceptions, we can increase dog adoption rates and help save the lives of countless loving canines.

Still not sure if adopting a shelter dog is a good idea? Here are a few more reasons to save a life and adopt your next dog today:

  • Every animal not purchased from a breeder or pet store reduces pet overpopulation caused by greed, lack of regulation, and blatant irresponsibility.
  • Adopting a dog from a no-kill animal shelter can provide space for an older or injured dog that would be euthanized otherwise.

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