10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Puppy

puppy 101

Puppies are cute, cuddly, and let’s face it, a little weird. Whether they realize it or not, puppies do all sorts of funny and amusing things. From instinctually wanting to run wild for hours on end to being biologically inclined to eat more like a pony than a puppy, let’s take a look at some fun facts you probably didn’t know about these lovable little creatures.

  1. Puppies Love to Sleep
    Puppies sleep all the time, which if you’ve ever spent time around human babies, shouldn’t be too surprising. However, one thing that new puppy owners often realize right away is that puppies can fall asleep at the drop of dime. Seriously, one minute a puppy can be running around or gnawing on a chew toy and the next he or she can be sound asleep.

    While perplexing, this sudden sleep syndrome is understandable given the energy required to grow into a healthy mature dog. Puppies are also getting used to their bodies and often don’t realize just how tired they really are. Combined, these two factors are often to blame whenever your puppy is running around like a sugar addict one second and snoring the next.

  2. They Can Eat, Eat, and Eat Some More
    Puppies love eating just as much as they love sleeping. Again, this boils down to the fact that they’re growing. Their little bodies are calorie-burning machines and they need as many calories as possible to get bigger and stronger faster. All that hyper energy puppies have only makes them even hungrier.

  3. Land Swimming: It’s a Puppy Thing
    It sounds weird and looks even weirder, but puppies like to keep on swimming after you take them out of the water. If you’ve tried swimming as part of puppy training before, then you’ve likely seen this odd behavior firsthand.
    Why do they do this, you ask? Well, the answer to that question remains a mystery. We know all dogs have a paddling instinct in order to avoid drowning, but we really can’t say for sure why puppies seem to keep on paddling even after you place them on dry ground.

  4. Puppies are Born to Be Wild
    Puppies are a lot like little Tasmanian Devils. They can run around the house on hyper drive for hours on end. Where do they get all of this energy from? Perhaps their tendency to nap for hours on end has something to do with these energy boosts!

  5. They Chew on Everything
    Have the feet of your favorite chair been gnawled to death? Are you on your third TV remote due to your puppy’s desire to chew on everything it can get its chompers on? While these problems should certainly be addressed with large dogs, puppies simply do it because they’re teething. To minimize the damage caused by your little pup’s eager jaws, try making certain things off limits and invest in some teething toys. Trust us, it will be money well spent.

  6. Puppies Can Fall in Love
    Ever heard the term puppy love? Well, it turns out there may be something behind it. According to noted anthropologist and author Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, a pair of dogs named “Bean” and “Sundog” were inseparable and pined over each other like long lost lovers.

  7. They Explore Everything
    Puppies are naturally curious and love getting their noses into just about everything. One minute your little pal can be going to town in your shoe closet and the next you can find him stuck in the bathtub yelping for help. No he isn’t a descendant of Lewis or Clarke; he’s just being a puppy!

  8. Puppies are Deaf and Blind at Birth
    Everyone knows dogs have short lifespans and mature relatively quickly compared to many other mammals. However, most people don’t know that puppies are also born deaf and blind, making the speed of their maturity all the more impressive.

  9. They Wag Their Tails for Many Reasons
    Happiness and wagging tails go hand in hand, but puppies wag their tails when they’re scared and agitated as well. If your puppy is scared, his tail will wag low. If he’s agitated, it will wag up high. If he’s happy, however, his tail will naturally wag right in between the two.

  10. Puppies are Never Alone
    Although he may feel alone when you’re away at work all day, there are over 400 million dogs around the globe, so your puppy is never truly alone.
    Puppies have an insatiable desire to learn as much as they can, which can cause some frustration at times, especially when you find your favorite shirt shredded to pieces. When this happens, take a deep breath and remember this explorative, hyperactive phase will soon pass. Before it does, however, take as many pictures and get as much cuddle time as you can!