Join the Wags Club in Helping Louisiana Flood Victims This September

After massive floods hit the Louisiana area, The Wags Club, one of the premier West Los Angeles dog daycare, decided that they wanted to help those suffering from the flooding. Because of this, the company pledged that they will donate all their revenue from their outdoor and indoor facilities on September the 7th over to the SPCA of Louisiana. This funds the recovery efforts for the state when more than 40,000 homes were destroyed and 10 people were killed. John Bel Edwards, the governor of the Louisiana, said that the damages were estimated at upwards of $8.1 billion. The Wags club could not stand by when around 30,000 people need rescuing and more than 1,400 pets needed assistance.

The flooding was such a tragedy that President Obama declared it a state of emergency. According to the SPCA in the state, there are extreme needs for animal shelters that push beyond the current capacity. Y.K. & Abi De Silva and Abi, the founders and the owners of the West Los Angeles dog daycare are far away from the disaster, but that has not stopped them from giving a solid effort to aid with the disaster site. Even when we are far away, we can still make a difference in the lives of others. Y.K. De Silva said that he hopes that in displaying their kindness to those in the flood region, he hopes that that will make it easier for the people of the Santa Monica community to help with the relief efforts. During September 7th, the dog daycare and boarding resort and dog grooming services will all be put towards helping the Creole state with the natural disaster.

Abi De Silva decided that adding a day of dedicated service and helping people in need was an ideal solution to solving this problem. Not only that, but what higher good can a business do than to help those in need? This dog daycare and boarding resort has owners that have always believed in creating a strong bond between both people and their pets. The business places emphasis on a cage-free and happy environment that caters to the needs of your beloved canine. The De Silvas understand that stress can have a gigantic impact on your furry friends, and that is why the Wags Club does its best to create an environment that will leave your dog happy and care-free.

Donate to the Louisiana SPCA, and you will contribute directly to a worthy cause that will help reunite lost animals with families that are searching desperately for their canine friends. This charitable event has been left open to the public in Santa Monica, and the surrounding areas. Even if you do not have a dog that is a member of the club, you can still make a donation to a great cause. However, dogs that are not members will need to pass a standard temperament test to participate in the club. While you might not have money right now, you can still make a credit card donation that supports the SPCA and its efforts throughout the state.

The De Silvas have said that the chief goal of doing this fundraiser is to help the flood victims and their pets. Nevertheless, participation does more than that. In fact, it supports a great company that has set the goal of creating a supportive environment for canines, and the company hopes that they have had a meaningful impact on the dogs and the people in some way. Fundraisers from businesses like the one mentioned set an example of selfless contribution in hopes that other local businesses will feel inspired to help the people hurt in the disaster and recovery. Supporting, encouraging and inspiring is what everyone in the world needs.

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