The Wags Club provides an all-encompassing experience for your dog’s training needs. We are firm believers in Cesar Milan’s principles of having a calm submissive dog and practice his techniques in daycare and boarding as well. We are happy to assist you with your dog’s training requirements while he/she is at daycare or boarding with us. Our resident trainers will work with you to design a training program based on your goals and lifestyle. We work with your dog if he/she needs to be potty trained, walk on a leash, eliminate anxiety or obey basic commands; our experts are here to help! Whether your have a rascally little puppy, or an old friend who wants to learn a few new tricks, our in-house trainer will gently guide your dog in the right direction. Our expert trainers also show you how training may be reinforced at home for best possible results.

  • Private Puppy Training 5 classes: $450
  • Basic Obedience for Adult Dogs 6 Classes: $550
  • Behavioral Training 5 Classes: $425

Please feel free to call our concierge for any information regarding our current training programs.

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