How to Raise a Puppy During COVID Quarantine

How to Raise a Puppy During COVID Quarantine

With many people working from home due to COVID-19, some have decided to fight loneliness by getting a pet. Across the country, animal shelters are confirming that they’re seeing a record number of adoptions. If you’ve gotten yourself a pandemic puppy, here’s what you need to know about raising a dog during COVID.

Your COVID Puppy Needs Socialization

Staying at home to avoid COVID is great for a new puppy. It’s great because you can give your friend a lot of time and attention. However, new dog owners must figure out ways to socialize and train their pet without access to group classes.

Along with this, the need to work from home won’t last forever. This means that you’ll have to deal with a lonely pet in the future. A lonely COVID puppy may exhibit behavior problems. Taking your friend to the Wags Club, dog daycare in Los Angeles, can help you avoid these issues.

Why Early Socialization is Important

Young dogs and cats experience a behavior stage known as the critical socialization period. For cats, this period is from birth to 12 weeks. With dogs, it happens from birth to 16 weeks. If an animal doesn’t receive the proper socialization, then he or she could become fearful or overly shy.

Even during these COVID times, you can do a lot to prepare your pet for the outside world. Keep in mind that puppies and kittens younger than 16 weeks do not have all of their vaccines. Because of this, you’ll need to socialize with care.

Classes designed to socialize animals feature safety precautions to keep them safe. If you decide to socialize your pet at home, be sure to do the same. Consider signing up for virtual classes in Los Angeles to help guide you through the socialization process.

Handling Separation Anxiety

A critical part of raising your pandemic puppy is to teach him or her that it’s okay to be alone. This one is tough because you’ll have to ignore your pet, but it will help prevent separation anxiety. Setting aside a small bit of time to ignore your pandemic puppy is as important as giving your pet attention.

Separation anxiety is a condition that’s stressful and dangerous. When your pet experiences it, he or she may destroy items in your home. It can even cause accidental self-harm. To prevent the condition, give your new COVID puppy time alone while you’re there. The Wags Club can help you with your puppy in Los Angeles.

Preparing for Pandemic Puppy Ownership

While animal shelters are reporting an increase in adoptions, they are also confirming more animals being turned over to them. These animals often have behavioral issues.

If you adopt a dog and realize later that you’re not ready, then it’s not fair to keep him or her. At the end of the day, you’ll want your COVID puppy to have his or her best life. However, you may just need a break. In this case, the best dog daycare in Los Angeles can help.

Getting Your Dog Ethically

Once you’ve made the decision to expand your family with a pandemic puppy, be sure to get one ethically. Rescue shelters or responsible breeders are the best way to get your dog. After bringing your new furry family member home, be sure to socialize him or her properly. The Wags Club is open, and we’ll help you socialize your puppy safely. Contact us for a consultation today.

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