10 Benefits why you should send your doggie to dog daycare

10 Benefits why you should send your doggie to dog daycare

Have noticed how many of your friends and neighbors are taking their dogs to doggie daycare? You might wonder what all the fuss is about? Maybe your one of those people who think it’s silly, a waste of time and money to take the dog to daycare. Can’t pets just hang out at home and entertain themselves? No, not unless you have a cat, they’re happy to be alone all day, but your dog needs something to do, and honestly the cat will be happier if the dog isn’t home all day. There are many advantages to taking your dog to daycare.

Leaving your dog alone all day is bad for them. They get bored and look for things to do. Some dogs, like people, will eat when they’re bored. Obesity isn’t just a crisis for people it’s a problem for dogs as well. Dogs don’t always get enough exercise, especially dogs that live in a big city like Los Angeles. People have busy lives and crazy hours trying to fit in the needs of a dog can be tricky. Many dog lovers just don’t get a dog because they have such a frantic career, they would feel guilty no being able to spend enough time with the dog. This is sad since there are so many dogs in shelters in need of a forever home.

Daycare for dogs is catching on all over the country. Savvy dog lovers have figured out that just leaving the dog in the house to do his thing isn’t good for them or the dog. Doggie daycare is so much better than leaving your best friend in a cage all day. Seriously would you want to spend your day in one of those crates? Your dog is your baby, a member of the family, she needs to be treated like the special friend she is.

What are the benefits of doggie daycare?

Dogs get bored and lonely when left alone.

Many suffer from separation anxiety and do bad things. Is your dog chewing on stuff and tearing things up? Do you come home to find a mess everyday? I had a dog who ate a leather couch, at least he tried. I put it together with grey tape and bought a slipcover, but it was still ruined. It was not the dog’s fault I left him alone too long. Lots of dogs like being around other dogs or at least people. At doggie daycare, your fur baby will get plenty of love and attention.

No rushing home to take care of the dog.

Life is unpredictable and some days you just can not leave work on time, or the traffic is brutal. The stress of knowing that your dog is hungry or is waiting for you to let them out to pee is real. If your dog is at daycare you won’t have to worry. They will have plenty of chances to go outside and do what they need to. The staff will make sure they are fed on time. My dog would wait by the door if I was late, he would pee on the floor. I knew what he was trying to tell me it wasn’t his fault, but it wasn’t mine either, sometimes I just couldn’t be home at that exact time. Work and traffic are already stressful with your dog in daycare you’ll have one less worry. There are doggie daycares that will help housebreak your puppy, so no waiting till he gets it. This can be more than helpful since housebreaking a puppy when you’re gone all day is beyond challenging.

Your dog will have less pent-up energy.

You won’t have to take him to the park every night. He will spend the day running and playing with other dogs. Your dog will be as tired as you are in the evening. Since you won’t be having to try and calm him down there will be less stress. First on your part then with your dog since you won’t be yelling at him when he is just glad to see you. You can spend the time relaxing together. You save the dog park until the weekend.

It’s like a trip to the spa for your dog.

You can ask to have your fur baby groomed. You won’t have to make a special trip to have her washed and groomed, she’ll just come home looking pretty. She can look good for all her new friends. This may not be cheaper, but it will save you time and time is really is money. Being able to have your weekend to do something bedsides take your dog to be groomed is worth a few extra dollars. You will probably get her groomed more often and being properly groomed does more than make her look good it’s beneficial to her overall well being.

They’ll learn how to socialize.

Many dogs have problems being around other dogs merely because they never have been. Dogs are by nature social if they have the chance to be with other dogs. One of the benefits of doggie daycare is your dog gets to lean social skills he wouldn’t if left in an apartment all day. He’ll be a better behaved dog when he encounters other dogs or people in everyday situations.

Change is good.

Some dogs enjoy being home alone. Either because of their age or maybe the breed, they are perfectly happy to sleep on your bed all day. Sometimes you can paper train them to a corner. You wouldn’t settle for that, why should your dog. Is that really any way to treat your best friend? All dogs need a little fun and going to daycare can be that boost they need. They can sniff new things, run and play with other dogs. It’s a fun day out.

You will be stress free.

You won’t have to worry about letting anyone into your home. Hiring a dog walker may solve one problem but create another. Finding someone you can trust with a key to your home isn’t always easy. Plus, you don’t know what other dogs are going to be there and where they are walking your dog. You can’t be too careful. Some people just want the money and won’t take very good care of your dog. Not all dog walkers really love dogs. At doggie daycare, you get to know the people who are taking care of your dog plus meet the dogs in her playgroup.

Dogs need friends too.

It’s not only people who need close companionship so do dogs. You’ll always be his best friend, but he still needs a canine BFF. There are things that people just don’t understand. Having a canine BFF can be good for his people too. If your dog has another dog whose company, he really enjoys you can make friends with that dogs’ person. Being able to socialize outside of doggie daycare will be good for your dog. Meeting new friends that are dog people will be good for you too.

Doggie daycare is surprisingly affordable.

Many people think that doggie daycare will be just another expensive service they don’t really need. Yes, everything is expensive in cities like Los Angles, but you can’t put a price on peace of mind. By doing a little research you can find a doggie daycare you can afford. There are some that offer discounts and if you don’t need to use their services everyday some daycares will give you a better rate.

Everyone there will shower your dog with love.

It’s not the kind of business you go into just to make money, you have to really love dogs. These people are dog people just waiting to step in and take care of your baby when you can’t. Your dog will get great care and lots of love. Isn’t that better than asking a friend who isn’t really a dog person but needs the money? Do your dog and your friendship a favor and take your dog to someplace just made for dogs. It will be the best decision you can make.

Taking your dog to daycare is like getting pet insurance. You would never take a chance with your dog’s health. Why would you leave him alone all day? Let’s face it he’s part of the family.You want him to be safe and happy, but you can’t just quit your job and stay home. Taking your dog to doggie daycare is a sensible solution to a problem too many people have.

Sending your dog to daycare isn’t just a fad.

Ten years ago, people would have laughed at anyone taking their dog to daycare, but times change, people get smarter. This is just ten of the best reasons, you may have other more personal reasons. Benefits of dog daycare are many and varied. Truth is a dog left alone is not protected even if he’s in a kennel. He could become a danger to himself as well as others. Dogs have been known to start fires, get stuck, or sometimes knock things over on themselves. Dogs are good at finding things to do on their own sometimes that can be very bad. Dogs love chocolate but it is very toxic to dogs, but people leave it laying around the house. Leaving a dog, of any age, alone is like leaving a toddler home alone. You would never even think of doing that! So why take a chance with your fur baby. Dogs depend on us we owe it to them to make sure they have the best possible chance at a safe happy life.

Finding the best place for your precious dog in Los Angeles, cA

Now that you understand all the benefits of doggie daycare how do you go about finding the best place for your precious dog? There are many ways to find the right place for your furry baby. You can ask your friends or co-workers with dogs where they take their dog. You can read reviews online. You can check with the Better Business Bureau, or call around and visit different places. All of these ways take time, precious time you really don’t have. Yes, it’s worth it to be sure your dog is treated like the VIP you know she is.

If you live in Los Angeles and you care enough to get your dog the very best, then you only have one choice and once you check it out you will agree.

There is a dog daycare in Los Angeles where every dog is treated like a VIP. A place where your dog will have the very best of everything. This place is called The Wags Club. Owners Abi and Y.K. DeSilva know what it’s like to have to leave your dog in daycare. They use to have to board their dogs when they traveled but there was not any place good enough, so they created a beautiful 5-star resort for dogs. Here your dog will be treated as a VIP guest. He will enjoy relaxation and play in 12000 square feet of canine joy. There are no cages here just tranquil areas of pampered bliss for all their guests.

Your dog will be treated to a fun-filled day of activities geared at keeping him stimulated and happy. The exclusive indoor play area has a padded floor tp protect the feet of all the doggies as they run and play. If you need to make arrangements for your dog to stay over night, the won’t be stuck in a kennel all night. The Wags Club dogs are never subjected to cages, ever! Instead, they are allowed to lounge in the “Zen Den” with other dogs.

Your dog will be treated like royalty as they watch interesting doggie videos like the Dog Whisper. They can go outside and play in The Wags Club own dog park. Lucky dogs will be able to swim in the pool or take a nap in one of the cabanas. You might find yourself being a little jealous of all the amenities your dog is enjoying. Deep down you’ll know with all they do for us dogs deserve to be pampered like this.

Check out Dog Daycare Prices in Los Angeles.

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