10 Signs Your Dog Loves Their Daycare: Insights from Pet Experts

10 Signs Your Dog Loves Their Daycare: Insights from Pet Experts

Naturally, you want the best for your companion if you are a dog owner. When considering the right daycare for your furry friend, you must choose a well-liked daycare that can be trusted. One of the best dog daycare in Los Angeles is The Wags Club, recognized for its high-quality care and dedication to delivering a safe environment where dogs can have fun. The Wags Club provides a beautiful experience for your four-legged family member, with ample indoor and outdoor play regions and high-quality training by friendly employees who use beneficial reinforcement. But how can you know that your precious dog enjoys their doggie daycare Los Angeles environs? This article highlights ten signs that your four-legged friend loves the dog boarding Los Angeles.

10 Signs Your Dog Loves Their Daycare

Tail-Wagging Excitement

First, if your dog is normally laid back and calm with little enthusiasm and then starts wagging its tail when you mention the dog daycare in Los Angeles, your pet loves the daycare facility. This shows the excitement your dog feels. The wagging signals that they associate the daycare with a positive and pleasant experience.

Eagerness to Enter the Facility

Dogs spend a significant amount of time at the daycare facility, and when they love it, they show this when they enter the facility. This can manifest as pulling toward the entrance or being eager to lead the way. If your dog practically jumps into the facility, they look delighted to be there. In contrast, they will show signs of reluctance or hesitation when they do not like their daycare. Attempting to hide or escape shows that your dog is uncomfortable in the daycare setting. Therefore, if your dog is enthusiastic about racing along, they love their doggie daycare Los Angeles.

Friendly Interactions with Staff and Other Dogs

Dogs are very social creatures and love to play. The best dog daycare in Los Angeles offers plenty of opportunities for both. If your pup is coming home from a dog boarding in Los Angeles, and it is much fluffier and seems more eager to play or behave with other dogs, it’s a good sign. It shows the facility positively affects them especially when they are bouncy, and are enjoying playing with other dogs. Dogs that are well taken care of should be respectful and loving to the staff. If your dog is eager to welcome the staffer when you drop them off or pick them up at daycare, it’s likely that they’re being well-watched and feel pretty comfortable.

Tired but Content After a Day at Daycare

Suppose your dog returns from dog daycare in Los Angeles that has worn them out but seem very relaxed, and have a smiley disposition about them, you will know it had a great day of excitement and fun. When they enjoy and love the facility, they will have an overall attitude of calmness and serenity. This suggests that your pup feels at ease in the daycare setting. Furthermore, they should sleep well after an engaging or playful moment at the facility. In that case, it positively indicates that they feel secure in that environment.

Excitement for Daycare Days

Another clear indication that your dog loves the daycare is when the dog demonstrates some behavioral peculiarities or increased excitement on the day it will go there. It will be more active and attentive, or look forward to the preparation process before going to the doggie daycare in Los Angeles. Such behavior is a clear indicator that your dog is happy to have such a place, and it is sometimes associated with positive and beneficial behaviors. The animal’s behavior and body language should always be a major consideration on the particular visitation day.

Improved Behavior at Home

Dogs that attend a well-run dog daycare, such as The Wags Club, often exhibit improved behavior at home. This could manifest in behaviors such as decreased destructive behaviors, reduced anxiety, or a calmer and more relaxed demeanor. When dogs can expend energy and engage in stimulating activities at daycare, they are less likely to exhibit problematic behaviors at home due to boredom or excess energy.

Positive Associations with Daycare Items

Please pay attention to how your dog reacts to items associated with their dog daycare in Los Angeles, such as their leash, carrier, or daycare bag. If they exhibit positive reactions, it strongly indicates that they have formed positive associations with these items. For example, if your dog perks up and gets visibly excited when you grab their daycare bag, it’s a clear sign that they love their time at the daycare and look forward to their visits.

Contentment at Pick-Up

When it comes time to collect your furry buddy from their daycare journey, you should notice their attitude. A pleasant, well-rested dog demonstrates that it took home a positive experience. Rather than appearing jumpy or extremely thrilled, however, your dog appears somewhat calm and relaxed. While dozens of tail wags and many wonderful, wiggly greetings are often indications that the puppy has had a terrific day, a dog who went into hysterics with happiness leaps and flies about the lobby is not the most comfortable. However, a well-rested dog may even look drowsy or sluggish once you arrive. This suggests they need a rest and could take a nap after their daycare experience. This is good since it demonstrates that the environment was relaxed and reliable enough for your puppy to let its guard down and genuinely relax.

Healthy Appetite and Restful Sleep

An indisputable indicator that your beloved dog enjoyed their time at the doggie daycare in Los Angeles is if they return home rejuvenated and hungry and then sleep soundly through the night. In fact, in various activities such as physical exercises, interaction with other dogs, and mental engagement, the furry friends will always regain their appetite and get enough sleep. The message is that they were able to sweat off some energy in a comfortable, safe environment.

Feedback from Daycare Staff

Finally, it is helpful to communicate with the daycare staff. After all, they spend most of their working hours with your pup, and can objectively evaluate their behavior and general well-being. In case of any inconsistencies or irregularities, they can quickly notice them and report them to the dog owner. They may motivate you when sharing their generally positive observations by telling you about your dog’s impressive social and energy levels throughout the day. If the staff shares information on how your dog plays, what toys they prefer, and which other dogs they seem to like – this will fill you with confidence that your pet is happy and enjoying each moment.


In conclusion, finding the ideal dog daycare is critical for your pup’s health and happiness. With these ten signs, you can learn fantastic secrets about your dog’s time at the outstanding dog boarding in Los Angeles. Then you’ll know that your best friend genuinely loves the doggie daycare you sent them to. If you are in the Los Angeles area and are searching for the best dog boarding Los Angeles venue or doggie daycare option, contact us at The Wags Club. Please schedule an appointment today to learn how we best meet your dog’s requirements.

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