Is Adopting a Shelter Dog a Good Idea?

Every year, nearly one million dogs are euthanized because no one is willing to give them a loving home. The solution to this heart-wrenching problem is simple: adopt your next dog from your local animal shelter!

There are tons of loyal, lovable, and adoptable dogs out there waiting for a happy home right now. Unfortunately, many people fall victim to the misconceptions that surround shelter dogs and give them a bad rap. By changing these misconceptions, we can increase dog adoption rates and help save the lives of countless loving canines.

Still not sure if adopting a shelter dog is a good idea? Here are a few more reasons to save a life and adopt your next dog today:

    • Every animal not purchased from a breeder or pet store reduces pet overpopulation caused by greed, lack of regulation, and blatant irresponsibility.
    • Adopting a dog from a no-kill animal shelter can provide space for an older or injured dog that would be euthanized otherwise.

  • Most shelters have plenty of dogs to choose from. From mixed breeds to purebreds, you can find dogs of every breed, shape, size, color, and age. Some breeds even have their own dedicated rescue organizations, so you’re almost guaranteed to find the right dog for you.
  • Adopting a dog is much more affordable than purchasing one from a breeder or pet store. Plus, if you get an older or fully grown dog, chances are he or she will already be spayed or neutered and fully vaccinated as well.
  • Adopting an older dog means you get to skip hours of dog training and the frustration that arises during the cute yet time-consuming puppy stage.
  • When adopting an older dog, you also have the luxury of already knowing how big he’ll be and what he’ll look like. His temperament, coat color, and a lot more will not be a surprise a few months down the road.
  • A mature shelter dog may be already be housebroken as well. This little benefit alone could save you hundreds of dollars on carpet, grout, and other flooring costs.
  • Most dog shelters and adoption organizations perform assessments on every dog they rescue to determine whether or not they’re good with people, housebroken, and so on. Some of these organizations also provide training for dogs and help those with behavioral issues. Therefore, when you adopt a dog from one of these shelters or organizations, you will know what to expect when you bring him home.
  • Like The Wags Club and other professional Los Angeles Dog Daycare facilities, dog shelters and rescue organizations also provide a ton of education and support, allowing you to learn all about basic dog grooming, nutrition, training, and overall care.

Making the Decision

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to adopt a shelter dog. However, the best reason of all is the general good feeling you’ll get from saving the life of a loving animal in need of a home. If you want to feel good about yourself every time you come home to your dog’s wagging tail, adopting a shelter dog is certainly a good idea!

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