A Complete Guide to Dog Daycare for 2021

A Complete Guide to Dog Daycare for 2021

As a dog owner, you likely want to provide a high level of care to your four-legged-friend, especially when you’re away from home. Instead of leaving the pet alone and isolated at home during the day, you can find a doggy day care that keeps the dog occupied until you return. If you want to learn more about dog daycare and what it offers, there are a few important facts to understand.

What is a Dog Daycare?

It’s important to understand a few important facts when wondering, “Should I take my dog to daycare?” Dog daycare is a pet boarding service where the pet sitters provide love and care for your pup. The animal daycare allows your pet to spend time in a large state-of-the-art facility where they can play and interact with other dogs. They can have the proper balance of socialization with other dogs and one-on-one human interaction for proper stimulation. Dog daycare allows pets to bond with other people and form new relationships to ensure they stay occupied and don’t feel alone.

Pet daycare also includes dog training in Los Angeles to help your pet develop better habits at the facility and in your home. They can learn new commands and drop destructive habits to ensure they begin listening to commands and develop better behavior each day.

We monitor the play yard and facility 24/7 by the professional team who treat your pets like family to ensure they receive the love and care they deserve. The pet care is cage free dog daycare to ensure the pet is treated humanely and has the freedom to stay active and have fun throughout the day until you return.

Doggie daycare may also include additional services like dog training in Los Angeles, Los Angeles dog grooming, and dog boarding los Angeles. The

How Do I Know if My Dog Likes Daycare?

You may be wondering, “Do dogs like doggy daycare?” There are many signs to look for, which includes if the dog doesn’t want to leave the dog day care center due to the friendships they make and the fun environment. Dogs often have more stimulation and fun than they do at home with the different play equipment and toys they’re introduced to throughout the week. You may notice they have an improved mood and no longer hesitate to leave your side once they arrive at the animal daycare.

You’ll know your dog like doggie daycare when they have an easier time parting ways when you drop them off at the facility. They’ll feel comfortable and at ease at the Los Angeles Dog Daycare without becoming anxious. They’ll thrive with the schedule they have at pet daycare and will come home less hyper because of the energy they burn.

The dog may also become a lot better at socialization when they’re at doggie daycare or when they spend time on walks. You may notice the doggie also starts to have better behavior due to the structure they have at the dog daycare, making them easier to have in the home.

Is Doggy Daycare Good for Dogs?

Although many pet owners have guilt dropping off their dog at pet daycare, it can offer many benefits to ensure you continue to provide a high level of care to your furry friend. Doggie daycare allows your doggie to participate in socialization with other dogs and humans instead of sitting alone at home all day. They’re less likely to suffer from loneliness or depression at dog daycare, which can offer you peace of mind. Socialization can help reduce their aggression, stress, and any skittish behavior they experience.

Doggie day care can also relieve separation anxiety, which can prevent them from having destructive behavior. You won’t have to worry about if they’re getting into trouble at home because they’ll be under the supervision of professional staff who provide love and care for your pup. When they spend time at doggie daycare, you don’t have to worry about coming home to chewed furniture or shoes, which can allow you to feel less stressed and more at each each day.

The pet boarding service can also allow your doggie to stay safe with pet sitters who monitor them around the clock and prevent them from having access to dangerous items or chemicals. Instead of leaving them home alone where they can become injured or even escape, a doggie daycare can offer a high level of safety in a facility designed for them to thrive.

They’ll also spend time exercising with dog walkers to burn off their energy and stay physically active while spending time at dog daycare. You won’t have to worry about spending extra time taking them on a walk when you get home from work.

Cost of Dog Daycare in Los Angeles, CA

You may be asking, “How much is daycare for dogs?” Dog daycare prices at each Los Angeles Dog Daycare. There are different packages available at dog daycare to accommodate your needs and schedule. Dog daycare prices are determined by the features and services included. We include dog grooming prices in many of the packages. The dog daycare prices are also influenced by the location and the number of hours or days the doggies spends at the Los Angeles Dog Daycare each month. If you’re wondering, “How much is daycare for dogs?”, there are a few packages to review to get an idea of the overall cost of animal daycare.

Dog Daycare VIP Package – $1,200

  • Unlimited Boarding at the Dog Day Care Center
  • Holiday pet boarding service
  • Unlimited Dog Grooming Los Angeles
  • No late fees or early drop off fees

Gold Membership – $900

  • 30 Doggie Daycare Visits
  • 4 Overnight Visits at a Dog Hotel
  • Two Complimentary Grooming Sessions

Silver Membership – $650

  • 1 Complimentary Grooming Session
  • 1 Complimentary Overnight Dog Boarding Los Angeles
  • 20 Doggie Day Care Visits
  • Priority Holiday Dog Boarding Los Angeles

How Often Should My Dog Go to Daycare?

After you find the best dog daycare in Los Angeles, you’ll need to decide how often you want to take them to the pet boarding near me. You can consider taking the doggie to the daycare whenever you plan to spend time at work to ensure they spend time with loving pet sitters at the dog day care center when you’re away.

Consider enrolling your doggie in dog daycare near me two to three times each week. They can spend part of their time at the daycare in Los Angeles to help them get used to their time getting to know the loving staff. Over time, you can consider increasing their number of days at the dog daycare to ensure they become more acclimated to the setting and the pet care provided by the dog daycare team.

You can also take the doggie to the dog hotel when you’re planning on taking a trip or are going away for the weekend to prevent them from sitting alone at home. During this time, they can stay busy with the grooming services and dog walking with dog walkers who treat your pets like their own.

What Do Dogs Do at Daycare?

When you’re looking for pet boarding near me, it’s important to learn what the dogs do at the dog daycare.

Dog walking is one of the activities included in their schedule to ensure they can participate in physical activity at the doggie day care.

You may also pay dog grooming prices to ensure your pet is also groomed while spending time at the Los Angeles Dog Daycare for added convenience. You can avoid paying extra dog grooming prices at other locations because the services are often included in the package you select at the doggie daycare.

How Often Does My Dog Need Grooming?

There are many factors that determine how frequently you need to groom your dog to ensure they stay clean and healthy. The frequency depends on their breed, type of coat, and hair length. You can perform the task at least once each month to remove dirt and grime.

Grooming should also include brushing the dog’s coat in-between cleanings, at least every two days. It can prevent knots from forming in their hair and can also limit shedding in the home to maintain a tidier setting. Brushing the dog’s coat can be soothing and is ideal for dogs who suffer from anxiety. It offers an excellent way to bond with the pet.

Grooming is a service that you can utilize at a dog daycare to ensure your pup is in professional hands and enjoys the experience. At our West Los Angeles dog daycare, you can have peace of mind knowing we use professional equipment to keep your dog safe and comfortable throughout the process.

At What Age Can I Send My Puppy to Dog Daycare?

When you’re looking for cage free dog daycare, it’s important to know the right time to take your pet to the dog daycare near me. The doggie day care will likely require the dog to be at least four months old. They must be current on their vaccines to enroll at the dog daycare near me.

Dogs over six months of age must also be neutered. Female dogs who are enrolled at the cage free dog daycare must be spayed to participate in group activities.

Enrolling dogs at the dog daycare can allow them to have an easier time transitioning to the doggie daycare compared to older dogs, making it convenient to start early.

What are the Benefits of Dog Daycare?

If you’re wondering, “Should I take my dog to daycare?” it’s important to understand the advantages it offers to both the doggie and their owner. Dog daycare can help a dog become more social and interact better with other dogs they may be unfamiliar with while spending time at the setting. The daycare can help curb aggressive behavior

When you’re looking for the best dog daycare in Los Angeles, it’s important to find a facility that offers many services to ensure you can always rely on the establishment for every aspect of your dog’s life.

Why My Dog Doesn’t Like Dog Daycare?

You may be wondering, “Do dogs like doggy daycare?” Doggie daycare provides a fun and stimulating setting most dogs enjoy because of the sociability it offers. There are still times a dog may not like dog daycare. Some dogs are less social because their ability to interact with other animals can change throughout their life. Taking your dog to a park can offer insight into how well they’ll do socially while spending time at a dog daycare center.

When asking, “Do dogs like doggy daycare?” it’s also important to understand some pets may not prefer it if they currently have aggressive behavior. Dog daycare isn’t the best place to improve their behavior because the setting can increase their nerves and cause them to have more fear, especially if you’re not present.

Some dogs who frequently bark, hump, have fear, participate in over-exuberant play, and obsessively target other dogs may not respond well when spending time at a daycare. When you ask, “Do dogs like doggy daycare?” getting an understanding of the type of dog that you own, their age, and their history interacting with other pets or animals can offer insight into how well they enjoy daycare. Some pets need more training or behavior modification before they’re able to enroll in the daycare to ensure they can thrive.

Where to Take My Dog for Dog Training in Los Angeles?

You may be wondering where to enroll your dog when you’re looking for dog training with a professional service you can trust. Fortunately, you can find a daycare in Los Angeles that offers dog training services to improve your pet’s favor. Are you look for a facility with a lot of space for your dog to train to prevent the pet from feeling restricted.

Look for a facility with a caring and loving team where your dog can receive enough one-on-one attention from the staff to work on specific behaviors they need to improve. In Addition, your should look for an established location that is reputable with good reviews. Taking the pet to a facility that is also a daycare can allow them to feel more comfortable with the staff that is performing the training due to the time they’ve already spent at the location during the day.

Why The Wags Club for Dog Daycare in Los Angeles?

The Wags Club is the best dog daycare in Los Angeles because of the high level of pet care provided to pets when you’re looking for pet boarding near me. The cage free dog daycare allows your pet to stay active with dog walking with our professional dog walkers.

Our dog daycare resembles a luxury resort and invites pets to roam 12,000 square feet of space. The facility offers a relaxing and tranquil setting for dogs where they can feel at ease and become more confident when they’re away from their owner. The environment is stimulating and fun throughout the day, with padded flooring for added comfort as dogs spend time playing. The indoor setting is fenced in for added safety and can feel like a playground for all types of breeds to enjoy.

The dog hotel also allows dogs to stay overnight to ensure you can continue to take time away to travel without worrying about their well-being. Our staff will treat your pets like our own in a loving setting. We provide a high level of love and care for your pup by keeping them mentally and physically stimulated in a fun setting where they can interact with other dogs.

As the best dog daycare in Los Angeles, we’ll consider your pet a part of our family. We make it a point to get to know your dog to ensure we can understand and recognize their moods to ensure the dog is always happy and at ease.

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