Daily Workout And Exercise for Your Dog

Daily Workout And Exercise for Your Dog

At Wags Club, we tailor each day for a daily workout and exercise to ensure the physical and mental health of your dog. Dogs require a lot of exercise and a daily walk is just not enough to meet their needs. Not only do we provide a large environment at our Los Angeles dog day care facility, we provide engaging activities to meet the daily stimulation your dog needs. In our large 12,000 square foot indoor and outdoor area, your pet will have plenty of space to run freely for a complete cardio workout. Heart, lungs, bone and joint health are maintained and improved with a daily workout. While running and playing with canine friends, exercise is fun and stress is released.

Our pools provide a full body workout for your pet and is part of your pet’s workout regime. Swimming engages all muscles of the body and strengthens the lungs. Time is allotted each day for your pet to jump in the waters and get those muscles moving. Swimming is one of the best low-impact exercises for people and the same applies to canines.

The play equipment we provide for your pet engages both mental and physical exercise. Dogs love mental stimulation as well as physical stimulation. Just like there are education toys for children, there are educational toys for dogs. Our vinyl balls are textured with nubs that cause erratic bounces to keep your dog on the chase. Your pet is using their mental processes to guess where the ball will land next.

Challenging puzzle toys abound in our play areas. These squeaky toys capture your dog’s attention and are hidden in play areas for your pet to root them out. Our staff will also play with your pet throughout the day. With our cotton rope toys, our valets will engage your pet in a fun game of tug-and-war. While you’re at work, you can be assured your dog will not experience cabin fever at our Dog Daycare in Los Angeles. With our engaging program, your pet will not suffer from boredom while you are out of town or at work. At Wags Club, we are dedicated to the mental and physical health of your pet and provide a safe and stimulating environment.

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