The Difference between Dog Boarding vs. Doggy Daycare

The Difference between Dog Boarding vs. Doggy Daycare

Dogs are social, pack animals. Those who do not consider their dog as a family member should probably not have a dog. That said, there are differences between human family members and canine ones. Traveling often highlights this since dogs do not always have access to every place and, honestly, long trips are hard on them. When leaving the dog behind, owners must decide on the best care available so their four-legged child will remain healthy and at peace in their absence. If a full-time facility is necessary, dog parents should know how dog boarding and doggie daycare are distinct from one another.

How is it that one of these businesses can serve your pet’s needs and temperament better than the other?

When pondering the difference, Los Angeles owners can take comfort in the fact that The Wags Club offers the best of both worlds. A high-end hotel for pets, The Wags Club provides unprecedented comforts and conveniences to its guests that sets the hospitality standard that other providers can only aspire to. In fact, we are dedicated to your dog’s safety, comfort and happiness. We want your pet to thrive — not simply survive — until you return.

Let’s look at the differences between doggy daycare and boarding. Each has its advantages yet so does every dog. The good news is that The Wags Club embraces the positives of both approaches. We will describe what these are below.

Dog Boarding: A Primer

Owners who must be away from home for longer stretches, i.e. days or weeks at a time, must consider boarding their pets. Trips for business, for fun or for family obligations sometimes demand extended periods away. If neighbors and friends are unavailable or unable to help out, a place for the dog’s lodging is the next best thing. A reputable facility will afford your canine everything it needs at any time of day. This includes nutritious food; physical activity so important to a dog’s health; and the opportunity to hobnob with fellow dogs. The Wags Club offers all this, and more.

What Sets The Wags Club Apart from the Rest?

We strive to make your dog’s stay with us as much like home as possible. There are no cages or cells at The Wags Club. Your animal companion will enjoy the freedom to stroll about our facilities and make friends of both the two- and four-legged variety.

  1. Around-the-Clock Supervision: Because the dogs are free does not mean they are vulnerable. We monitor their whereabouts and locations without fail. This enables us to attend to their every need no matter what time it is.
  2. The “Zen Den”: While we offer plenty of interesting distractions to keep the dogs stimulated, the change in environment is nevertheless a lot to take in. So, we provide dedicated space — the “Zen Den” — for your pet to rest, relax and slumber as they adjust to their surroundings.
  3. Customized Activities: Just as people are different from each other, so too are dogs. Our professionals assess each dog’s personality and temperament to create the optimal ratio among interaction with humans, socialization with other dogs and down time.
  4. Strong and Healthy: Dogs should not come home from boarding only to have to visit the vet. With this in mind, The Wags Club requires basic inoculation against bordatella, rabies, distemper, leptospirosis and canine influenza at six-month intervals.
  5. A Place of Caring and Nurture: Ours is not just a place to drop off your dog. More accurately, we are a second family, a true home away from home. We aim to know your dog as you do, as a family member. Separation from family is an anxious experience for your canine but if the pet understands us as family, the separation is much less stressful. This is why The Wags Club takes a comprehensive approach to meeting the dog’s every need.

The Basics of Doggy Daycare

If work and school keep everyone out of the house all day, a dog becomes stressed and lonely. Doggy daycare is designed to give care and companionship to the little hounds as an alternative to the unhealthy lifestyle of sleeping all day and pining for company.

How The Wags Club Does Doggy Daycare

Far from mere pet sitting, we do more than make sure the dog does not get into trouble. We create an atmosphere to which your dog will look forward to return each and every day.

  1. Fun on the Inside and Outdoors: With 12,000 square feet at their disposal, dogs find plenty of opportunity for their favorite activity — play. Whether on grass turf or in a pool or on an array of recreational equipment, they can enjoy running, romping, swimming and climbing b y themselves and with one another.
  2. Liberty without Confinement: Even at home, your dog wants to be where the action is, and gets frustrated when shut off from the rest of the family. At The Wags Club, he or she has the run of the place to exhaust energies and satisfy curiosities.
  3. Only Dog-Lovers on Staff: We staff our facility with valets who treat your dog as their own. Overseeing play periods so that dogs remain safe and content, these professionals practice well-established methods of positive reinforcement so that all the guests get along and benefit from socialization.
  4. Individualized Care: Like people, some dogs tend to be introverts while others need more social interaction. Our valets are trained to locate each dog on this social spectrum and care for it accordingly.
  5. Security and Well-Being: In addition to maintaining strict vaccine criteria, we also impose the most rigorous standards of cleanliness and hygiene. At day’s end, we return your dog to you as strong and healthy as when it arrived.

Boarding vs. Daycare: Comparisons and Contrasts

  • Time in residence: boarding generally refers to multiple days/nights as opposed to daycare, which takes place within a day and does not involve overnight care.
  • Nature of care: boarding means food and sleeping arrangements above and beyond the daycare responsibilities of activities and rest.
  • Boarding recognizes the need for pups to have their own space as well as socialization. This is why the “Zen Den” is a component of care. Day care tilts in favor of groups.
  • Prices: boarding is charged per night or, in some cases, as a package for long-term stays. Likewise, daycare reflects per diem pricing but may offer discounts for regular customers. See also Dog Daycare Prices in Los Angeles
  • Notification: daycare can often accommodate same-day reservations whereas boarding needs advance notice.

The Wags Club is staffed and equipped to handle overnight stays and daytime visits. In either case, your dog is stimulated, comforted and pampered by well-trained caretakers.

What Sets Us Apart?

In addition to our strong health and safety guidelines as well as our comprehensive monitoring, we group dogs according to temperament so that gentler hounds are spared the roughhousing of more aggressive ones. Meanwhile, our facility enjoys the most exhaustive security measures and sanitary conditions. With a highly satisfied clientele, The Wags Club boasts countless testimonials as to out love for, competence in and experience with caring for canines in both daycare and boarding.

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