Why doesn’t my dog like daycare?

Why doesn’t my dog like daycare?

You take your pup to a dog daycare in Los Angeles, and he’s not adjusting. Your dog seems unhappy when you pick him up. The daycare you chose may not be a good environment for him. A loud, busy atmosphere can be stressful and over-stimulating for some dogs. Leaving your dog alone each day can cause behavioral problems or anxiety. We have the solution for happy dogs and owners. The Wags Club is different from the typical dog daycare facility. We’re the best dog daycare in Los Angeles because we treat all dogs like our own.

Should My Dog Go To Dog Daycare?

Our canine companions are family and love spending time with us. Many dog owners see their furry friends as their children. As a result, they worry about them being alone. Dogs are pack animals and need socialization, as well as mental and physical stimulation. Dog daycare is beneficial for pups whose owners are away all day.

Reasons To Consider Doggie Daycare in Los Angeles

Many dogs experience separation anxiety when they’re home alone. Dog daycare exposes your dog to positive experiences and new canine friends. Your dog is in a safe environment, getting attention from a trained, caring staff. Your dog will get plenty of playtime, exercise, and learn social skills.

Is My Do Happy in Dog Daycare?

To determine how well your dog is doing, establish a daily routine. Take your dog to daycare, say goodbye, and spend some time together at home after pick up. Most dogs adapt to the routine quickly, which is a sign that your dog is adjusting to daycare. These are signs your dog is adjusting to dog daycare:

    • Enthusiasm when you mention daycare
    • Excitement when you get in the car
    • Happy or calm when you get to the facility
    • Positive interaction with the staff
    • Tired but happy at home
    • Calm and relaxed after daycare

Negative Behavior After Dog Daycare

If your dog exhibits stress or aggression after daycare, it could be the daycare isn’t a good fit. You should check with your veterinarian and look into other options for your dog’s care. When your pup comes to The Wags Club, we provide individual attention, stimulating activities, and lots of love.

Consider Your Dog’s Temperament

Dogs are like people. Each dog has a distinct personality, and all dogs don’t get along well together. Socialization is a significant part of your dog’s routine at The Wags Club. Your dog gets a lot of individual attention and learns how to interact with other dogs.

What Dogs Don’t Adapt Well to Daycare?

Doggie daycare in Los Angeles is an excellent option for dogs who get anxious or feel lonely when their pet parents are away all day. Doggie daycare allows your pup to play and socialize with other dogs. Your dog’s body language is a good indicator if your dog isn’t adjusting to daycare. Signs your dog may be feeling stress:

    • Excessive licking
    • Frequent shaking
    • Hypervigilance
    • Sits with one paw in the air
    • Sniffing the environment excessively

If your dog exhibits these behaviors, try half days or one or two days a week. If your pup isn’t adjusting, check out other dog daycare options. These Dogs May Need Extra Help Adjusting:

Active, Large Dogs

Large dogs usually have laid-back personalities. However, large, active dogs may try to initiate play and seem intimidating to smaller dogs. A small dog may respond with aggression.

Aggressive Dogs

An aggressive dog is usually fearful or has a naturally dominant personality. A dog could be afraid due to previous abuse.

Dogs That Aren’t Neutered

Unneutered dogs will compete for unspayed females, and serious injuries could result. At The Wags Club, your puppy must be at least 16 weeks old; dogs six months or older must be spayed or neutered to keep all our dogs safe.

Dogs That Are Hyperactive

Energetic dogs are usually healthy. Dogs with excess energy and who don’t understand basic commands could have the canine equivalent of ADHD. Hyperactive dogs may jump on or bite other dogs to get attention, which other dogs may see as aggression. Dogs that exhibit these behaviors may not get enough exercise or attention at home.

Highly Intelligent Dogs

Brilliant dogs are like kids with a high IQ. They need something to do and sometimes get bored. Consistent activity with other dogs can help these dogs to adapt.

Insecure Dogs

More dominant dogs may perceive insecure, shy dogs as weak. When dogs suffer intimidation from dominating dogs, owners may think their dogs don’t like other animals.

Protective Dogs

Protective dogs are serious about their job. They protect their owners and think they’re the guard dogs in other situations. They believe the caregiver in charge is their master and will defend them from the other dogs.

What Dogs Adapt Well To Dog Daycare?

Lapdogs love attention and lounging around at home. However, they like to participate in fun activities and socializing. Lapdogs usually enjoy training, play, and the company of other dogs.

Dogs with low activity levels love lounging around where there’s a comfortable spot. They may play with other dogs or watch from the sidelines.

Some miniature dog owners hesitate to enroll their dogs in dog daycare because they think larger dogs will bully their dogs. However, many miniature dogs have personalities and confidence to compensate for their size.

Why Dog Owners Love The Wags Club

Dog parents love our dog daycare in Los Angeles. We’re the only luxury resort for dogs on the Westside. We offer solutions for pet parents who work long hours. If a new puppy is in your family, early socialization is a necessity. You can relax knowing your dog is in good hands. We provide a variety of services at our doggie daycare in Los Angeles.

At our 12,000-square-foot facility, your dog has plenty of room to romp and play with other dogs. We feature safe indoor and outdoor play areas. We provide lunch, treats, and walks. Dogs relax and meet new friends in a peaceful atmosphere. We even provide doggie updates on our website and Facebook.

The Wags Club Offers Flexible Daycare Options

At our dog daycare in Los Angeles we offer hours to fit your schedule.

    • Half and full daycare
    • Daytime weekend care
    • Care for multiple dogs

We Reinforce Good Behavior

Our staff understands socialization is essential to a well-behaved, happy dog. Exercise and interaction with other dogs ease separation anxiety and can prevent aggression when your dog learns to interact in a pack. Bonding with the pack is essential to socialization and reinforces positive behavior. Our daycare assistants work with dogs to teach them not to whine, bite, jump, or bark. We provide individualized attention and don’t allow rough behavior to protect the pack.

If you request additional training while your dog is at The Wags Club, we work with an approved list of trainers in the Los Angeles area. Our experts are available to assist you with:

    • Potty training
    • Basic commands
    • Alleviating anxiety
    • Walking on a leash

We work with you and show you how to reinforce our training at home. We want you to have a happy, well-adjusted dog. When you want to take advantage of the best dog daycare in Los Angeles, contact The Wags Club for a consultation. You can reach us at 310-473-3333. We look forward to meeting you and your dog.

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