Why has dog daycare become so popular?

Why has dog daycare become so popular?

Although the concept of doggy daycare is not something new, with a majority of pet parents working outside the home, dog daycare provides both a social outlet for dogs during the day as well as a means of preventing separation anxiety. Once thought to be a luxury for a highly spoiled pup, dog daycare is proving to have many benefits for dogs and their owners.

While there are Los Angeles dog daycare facilities that do allow for owners to drop off their favorite pooch while they are away at work, there are facilities that have worked to set themselves apart. They may tweak their facility as more of a “hotel for dogs,” where dogs can not only play with friends for the day, but stay overnight (or for a few more nights if needed).

Other dog daycare facilities may promote themselves as a resort for canines. A doggy spa provides the ultimate in relaxing massages and grooming services. Future trends point to possible combinations of luxury services as well as transportation (Uber pets, anyone?) and possible educational activities for dogs.

Of course, one significant reason that dog daycare facilities are becoming more popular – and more necessary for pet health – is the trend that most pet parents work away from home, often for ten hours or more each day. Just thirty years ago, at least one parent was often home all day to care for pets, take them out for potty breaks, and give them the opportunity to exercise at will. Now that more and more pet parents are young, single, and live in more urban areas, dogs are often left at home alone during their humans’ working hours. Even when a dog is a part of a family, both adults typically work long hours and children attend school. So, dogs are still left to their own devices.

Dogs tend to suffer more incidents of separation anxiety due to this change in the way we humans live. However, loving pet parents know that a dog daycare facility provides their pups with not only opportunities to interact with human caretakers but also interaction with other dogs. Dog daycare facilities are especially good for high-energy dogs and puppies. In fact, the caregivers at a dog daycare facility will walk the canine charges multiple times throughout the day as well as give them the opportunity to participate in a number of other fun games such as one might in field competitions.

Pet parents are aware that they need to provide ample exercise for their pups as well as the attention that all dogs crave. A dog daycare facility can provide this while parents are away at work or fulfilling other obligations. Pet parents can feel guilt-free when they think about the fun their pups are having at a dog daycare. Finally, the socialization that dogs enjoy while at their daycare cannot be underestimated. This trend is one that will continue to grow as do the benefits for your playful pooch.

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