Dog Training in Los Angeles Made Easy

Everyone loves a well-behaved dog, but not everyone is great at dog training. Los Angeles Dog Daycare understands that molding your dog into the perfect, well balanced dog that he needs to be is a big task, but one that is well worth the work, time, and money that needs to be put into it. Do you have a puppy who needs some extra help beginning obedience training? Or maybe you have begun to realize some of your dogs behaviors are not acceptable and need some help redirecting him. Perhaps your older dog just needs a refresher course.

Here at the Wags Club, we not only have competitive rates, but the highest success rate. We incorporate our beliefs in the principles of trainer Cesar Milan, in order to help your dog be both calm and submissive. These principles also carry over to all areas of Los Angeles Dog Daycare and the way all our staff interact with your dog while it is boarding with us.

When your dog is already with us for boarding, we can use their time to accomplish any of the competitive packages you have chosen. Leave your dog with us while you go to work, and return to a dog who has benefited by having been trained and cared for by the best doggie daycare in Los Angeles.

If you have a new puppy, consider enrolling him in our private puppy training program. This one on one, 5-class series will help establish your dog in potty training, leash training, and other basic commands. Take some of the struggle and frustration out of incorporating a new puppy into your home life by leaning on experts.

Perhaps your dog needs help with eliminating anxiety, or other less desirable traits such as excessive barking or nipping. For your adult dog, consider a 5-part class program focused on behavioral training. Our trainers will use positive reinforcement to redirect your dog’s behaviors to traits that are more desirable, resulting in a dog that is easier to live with.

If you have an adult dog who needs a brush up on his basic commands or needs to be challenged to learn new tricks, our basic obedience for adult dogs is perfect for your pet. A 6-class program, allow our in-house trainer to gently guide your dog down the path towards being perfectly trained and obedient.

Training is not something that begins at the beginning of class, and ends after the appointed time. For your dog to understand that his training is not situational, but a lifestyle, our experts will also work with you as an owner to reinforce all training at home and in whatever situation you are faced with. Should you have any questions about any of our training programs, please feel welcome to call and talk to one of our experts today.

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