Is Doggie Daycare a Good Idea?

Doggie daycare is an activity that didn’t become popular until recent years. Care facilities for dogs used to be separated into kennels, and common play areas were not a part of the facility. As the interest in animal behavior has grown over the past twenty years, dog daycares have become a popular option to keep dogs busy, social and happy during the day. The Wags Club is proud to be your top daycare choice in the Los Angeles area.

Long Days, Bored Dog

When dog owners spend long days in the workplace, dogs spend long days at home. Lack of exercise and boredom can lead to behavioral issues and an unhappy dog. Coming home at the end of a day to a dog who has pent-up energy can be difficult for dog owners who just want to put their feet up. A dog who spends the day in daycare is exercised physically and mentally, and he or she is ready to relax for the evening.

The Benefits of Playtime

When dogs play together, they learn social skills of body language that improve their interactions with other dogs and people. Dogs are keen observers, and when they have the opportunity to play with other dogs, they will adjust their play style and adapt to the body language that each dog presents. This give-and-take interaction is the foundation of appropriate play, and the joy that dogs experience during positive play has made doggie daycare a popular option for dogs everywhere.

Supervised, Appropriate Play

Dogs have different playstyles, and large, athletic dogs engage in play that may be too boisterous for small, quiet dogs. Separating the dogs into groups based on activity level and having skilled supervisors to observe and redirect dogs who play too hard is a key component of doggie daycare success. The environment should never be scary for dogs who are less energetic, and close observation by trained employees means that all dogs will have a successful, enjoyable experience.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Daycare is an ideal option for dogs who have behavioral issues when left home alone. Separation distress can include dogs barking, whining, pacing or becoming destructive in your home while you are away. When your dog is experiencing this level of anxiety, behavior modification and training is necessary to improve your dog’s comfort with being home alone. In the meantime, daycare is the ideal environment to ensure your dog is happy and not experiencing the anxiety associated with separation distress.

How Do You Know if Daycare is the Right Choice for Your Dog?

If your dog is social with other dogs and people and enjoys an active lifestyle, daycare may be an excellent option for his or her well-being. To assist with your decision, our staff will perform a temperament test to assess your dog’s comfort with our facility. We’re looking for signs of aggression or anxiety that may prevent your dog from enjoying our facility, and our goal is safety and comfort for every dog who spends time with us. If your dog needs behavioral support, we are happy to recommend trainers who can assist with behavior modification to improve your dog’s comfort with social situations.

The Advantages of Doggie Daycare

The joy you’ll experience when you know your dog is having fun while you’re at work is priceless. If you’ve ever felt guilty about leaving your dog home alone, doggie daycare is for you! You’ll enjoy photos of your dog’s day and know that he or she is in professional, caring hands. At our facility, dogs enjoy both indoor and outdoor play spaces, and your dog can also spend the night in a luxurious, comfortable space. When your dog is already comfortable with daily visits for daycare, he or she will feel right at home with doggie boarding and overnight stays.

Daycare: A Wonderful Option for Many Dogs

There are many wonderful reasons that your dog will enjoy and benefit from daycare or doggie boarding. Our staff will help to identify any anxieties your dog might have and determine if our environment will be the right fit for him or her. When your dog stays with The Wags Club in Santa Monica, you can relax; your dog is in the best of hands! With over 12,000 square feet of space to run, your dog will enjoy every minute at the best Los Angeles dog daycare.

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