Is Doggy Daycare Good for Dogs?

Is Doggy Daycare Good for Dogs?

Puppies are a great addition to the family. However, they can be a handful as they require lots of attention, training, and structure to thrive in a family-oriented setting. For dog parents with a tight work schedule, doggy daycare grants you convenience and is a great way to provide your dog with socialization, exercise and attention. Even though the thought of leaving your canine friend under someone’s care may be worrying, doggy daycare offers your pup a consistent routine and ample mental stimulation. This may help overcome destructive behaviors caused by separation anxiety, and your dog gets to interact with professionals who genuinely care about dogs.

Why is Doggy Daycare Beneficial?

  1. Socialization: Dogs are social beings. Spending enough time in a daycare provides your canine with an opportunity to interact with other dogs in a controlled environment. This helps improve their confidence and instill the right social behaviors.
  2. Mental Stimulation: Leaving your dog alone at home for long hours can lead to feelings of anxiety and boredom. However, at The Wags Club daycare, your dog is constantly engaged with mentally stimulating activities. This helps prevent boredom and behavioral issues that arise due to frustrations.
  3. Physical Exercises: Most doggy daycares provide regular play time for your dog to keep them active throughout the day. This is beneficial as it is an avenue for your pup to let out the energy. Moreover, physical exercise is beneficial for high-energy breeds that require plenty of exercise to stay healthy.
  4. Safety and Expert Care: Knowing your dog is in a safe space while you run your errands gives you enough peace to carry on. As such, ensure that your canine is enrolled in a facility with trained dog attendants like The Wags Club, who will prioritize the safety of your dog. Avoid crowded daycares where your dog is likely to spend the day in a cage since the staff may find it overwhelming to control the canines.

Choosing The Right Daycare for Your Dog

Every dog has different needs, and as a dog parent, it is in your place to judge what type of daycare facility suits your dog. Take time to check out the facility, familiarize yourself with their schedule, and rate their staff-to-dog ratio to determine if your dog will get personalized care in such settings. Ensure that the facility is hazard-free and has secure fencing. Additionally, you have to verify that the resources available are going to help nurture your dog. The overall hygiene of the place should also be comfortable for your furry friend lest they start bringing bugs at home.

What Sets the Wags Club Apart?

  1. Cage Free Environment: The Wags Club strives to give dogs the freedom they deserve in a supervised cage-free environment. This provides ample space for your pup to roam, play and exercise.
  2. 24/7 Monitoring: Even though we offer cage-free doggy daycare services, your furry friend is still under surveillance. We have trained staff ready to intervene if necessary to ensure the safety of your dog is not compromised.
  3. Indoor and Outdoor Space: At The Wags Club, we do not let the rainy or extremely sunny days dull our shine. We are out to enjoy every moment of the stay at the facility with your dog and have plenty of space to play and relax. Our cozy indoor area has padded floors to ensure your buddy’s comfort. The outdoor space is vast, with grass and pools to keep the dogs engaged.
  4. Zen Den: We understand that play without rest can exhaust your dog, so we have a quiet place for dogs that need a break from playtime. Moreover, this peaceful space comes in handy for dog owners who would prefer their dogs to stay overnight.
  5. A Caring Community: At The Wags Club, the well-being of your pet is our priority. Our dog care program goes beyond basic dog sitting. We pamper your pets as we wish to have them as returning clients. We pride ourselves in providing safe, luxurious and fun environment for your dog to thrive, socialize and exercise.

Pros of Enrolling Your Doggy to a Daycare

There are many reasons you want to want your dog to join a daycare. However, you might still have your reservations but, with the right doggy daycare facility, your dog is bound to benefits from the experience.

  1. Regular Exercise: Regular exercises help keep your pet fit and mentally stimulated, reducing the risk of boredom-related tendencies like chewing. With daycare facilities like The Wags Club, your furry friend gets the opportunity to play in expansive playgrounds, and pools and interact with different play equipment.
  2. Socialization and Enrichment: Your dog may thrive best in social environments if they have basic socializing skills. Constant interaction with other dogs and humans in the daycare enhances your dog’s mental well-being and behavioral training. Your buddy is also able to make new dog friends and is equipped with the confidence to make them more outgoing especially in group surroundings.
  3. Professional Oversight: One thing that sets The Wags Club apart from other doggy daycares is that we have specially trained staff who are experts in canine behavior. As such, you can rest assured that our team is tactically equipped to de-escalate any tense situation that may arise following canine interaction.
  4. Flexibility of Owners: You can comfortably get about your daily schedules knowing your pet is well taken care off. As such, you have no reason to not do life just because you have a pet.
  5. Safety: You do not have to worry about finding your dog injured, hungry, or destructive if you take it to the right daycare. The Wags Club has a 24/7 dog monitoring system to ensure your pet’s security is paramount.

Cons of Using Doggy Daycare

  1. Potential Stress for some dogs: Doggy daycare may not be suitable for troublesome, anxious, aggressive and poorly socialized dogs. However, with The Wags Club Zen Den, these socially awkward behaviors can be managed to give the dog time to adjust.
  2. Vaccination Requirements:  Even though some may assume the strict vaccination rules are a drawback, they are purposely to safeguard your dog’s health and that of others.


While at work and tied up by the busy bustle of life, do not leave your furry friend feeling alone and neglected at home. The Wags Club daycare is the place your dog should be. It offers customized exercises, playtime, companionship, and professional oversight regarding your pet. It is thus a great alternative to evening walks as this spares time for you to do other life ventures. If you are considering a doggy daycare that has built its name in the industry, try The Wags Clubdaycare for your dog to experience the ultimate blend of amenities, freedom and attention. It is the home away from home for your canine friend. Contact us today at (310)473-3333 to get acquainted with the requirements.

So, if you’re a Los Angeles resident seeking the a dog daycare in Los Angeles and the absolute best for your pet, whether for a day or an extended stay, look no further than The Wags Club.

For more details or to book your dog’s stay, visit us at 11860 Mississippi Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025, or call (310) 473-3333.

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