Why Dogs are Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are our loyal companions, and their loyalty and friendship with humans is unsurpassed by any other species of animal. As a result, we enjoy keeping dogs in our homes, taking them with us everywhere we go and laughing at their engaging antics. The social nature of dogs is the reason why dogs became domesticated and an integral part of our homes; their very nature of delighting us forms the bonds that benefit both species. At The Wags Club, we are fascinated by this bond and the relationships people have with dogs.

Engaging Humans

The behavior that makes dogs so engaging can be seen with semi-domesticated street dogs across the world. Biology professor Ray Coppinger, Ph.D. and his wife, biologist Lorna Coppinger, address the nature of dogs as scavengers in their book, “What Is a Dog?” The dogs’ role of developing into the domesticated companions we know and love today can be traced back to the relationships they easily develop with people.

Shared Relationships

Cooperative relationships of sharing food, walking together, sharing a bed and enjoying each other’s company morphed into a relationship of dog ownership when dogs became permanent residents inside homes. The Coppingers argue that dogs “domesticated themselves” by their ability and interest in being engaging and social with humans.

Dogs Choose Humans

The dynamics of dogs living among people can be seen in many areas of the world, including the Congo in Africa, where the Basenji lives in the wild but relies on a shared relationship with tribal villagers. The living arrangements between native people and the Basenji have been well documented by travelers. Dogs clearly enjoy the companionship of humans, and many choose to live near humans rather than independent food sources.

Emotional Attachment

Although a dog’s loyalty may begin with food and shared interests, there is no question that dogs are emotional animals who recognize human emotions and body language. The relationship that develops between dog and human truly can be described as love. Natural affection and shared joy between our two species have been a long-treasured reality of a mutually beneficial relationship.

Unconditional Love

Dogs love us regardless of our bad behavior, our lack of enthusiasm, the way we look or our lack of financial resources. They don’t judge us for the things about which we are self-conscious or of which we are ashamed. Dogs always greet us with joy, make us feel special and provide us with a level of companionship that can be difficult to find in relationships with other humans or animals.

The Joy of a Dog

Dogs also live in the moment and encourage us to do the same. Why worry about work when there is a game of ball to play or a squirrel to chase? A dog’s attitude towards life is fearless and wholesome, and adapting their enthusiasm and joy as a part of our own lifestyle is a positive approach towards daily happiness and fulfillment. When life hands you troubles, simply spending time with your loyal dog can make everything feel right with the world.

Communicating Through Body Language

Dogs are keen masters at reading human body language, and this puts us at a disadvantage unless we’ve taken the time to study and learn dog body language. Dogs typically express much of what they are thinking – their joy, fear or ambivalence – through the use of body language. It’s how they communicate with each other, and how they attempt to communicate with us.

When you understand your dog’s body language, you can learn to communicate with him and understand his needs. If he is concerned about another dog, you’ll be able to tell right away. If he is uncomfortable meeting new people, you will understand immediately and help him to adapt.

Unique Personalities

Each dog has his or her own personality, but when it comes to loyalty, love and alleviating loneliness, we can learn a lot from dogs. You will never be alone when you have a dog in your life, and you will always feel joy when your beloved companion is at your side. Enjoying simple moments with your dog makes your life rich, adventurous and memorable.

Your Best Friend

Celebrating your dog by meeting his needs with plenty of walks, good nutrition, grooming and playtime will keep your best friend healthy and happy. When you are at work or otherwise unavailable, you can trust The Wags Club in Santa Monica, CA, to meet your dog’s needs with doggie daycare, dog boarding, obedience training and dog grooming services. We are the best dog daycare in Los Angeles, and we are looking forward to spending time with your best friend.

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