What is a Great Dog Hotel in Los Angeles?

What is a Great Dog Hotel in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles residents who own dogs will require a reliable facility to leave them when going away for extended periods. Since you cannot leave these animals alone at home, you have to choose the best dog hotel in Los Angeles. These provide lavish, safe and comfortable accommodations for your pet. They may have dog boarding to host pets for several days. Additionally, there may be dog daycare if you only need to leave your pet for some hours. You, however, need to choose a place where you can trust your dog is safe so you can have peace of mind on your trip. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a dog hotel in Los Angeles to leave your furry friend.

If you are looking for Hotel for Dogs, you may think that a dog hotel isn’t exactly the lap of luxury. However, there is one dog-friendly daycare that can serve as a hotel of sorts for clients whose humans must be away for a night or two (or three!). The Wags Clubs provides the finest boarding experience for your pup; you can leave your four-legged friend for the day or for a few days with the knowledge that he or she will be treated like royalty at our daycare.

Why Choose a Dog Hotel?

What situations might result in your needing to board your dog? Certainly, pet parents may need to be out of town for a wide variety of reasons. You may be called away to work at a location that will not allow you to return home that same night. You may have a family emergency that requires you to be away from home. For whatever reason, The Wags Club provides the perfect place for Fido to stay overnight.

Our facilities include not only the lounging and sleep accommodations that will be described later, but also a 14,000 square foot dog park area. While your dog is boarding with The Wags Club, our dog daycare workers will engage them in fun activities designed to keep them from being homesick! Our walkers will take them to the track for leisurely activity while our activity facilitators engage your pooch in competition-style activities. Again, you won’t have to worry about your precious pup feeling lonely or locked away in a kennel as many boarding facilities tend to do! We will keep Fido healthy and happy just as you would while you have to be away.

The Wags Club also offers a great day-only program for our patrons. Our daytime program is known as the CageFree K9 Camp. Our facilities include an indoor/outdoor exercise area as well as dog walkers and activity facilitators who will work to give your pup the proper amount of activity while you are away at work. Should your pup need to be boarded, look no further than The Wags Club! Our boarding facilities are intended to provide security and comfort for your canine companion while you are away. We offer both lounges and suites for your dog’s boarding pleasure. Our facility refers to these as “slumber-party-style” accommodations, and, this is a great socialization opportunity for your pooch.

You might be a pet parent with a small breed dog wondering if these facilities will cater to your dog’s needs? The answer is yes! We have separate lounging and suite-style rooming areas for small breed dogs. These rooming areas are secure, and your dog will receive round-the-clock, twenty-four hour care from our dog boarding facility workers. Finally, whether you prefer a dog daycare schedule or you need to board your pup overnight, you can trust the staff at The Wags Club to provide the best care possible for your pup.

1. Security Levels

Your dog needs a safe environment from all types of dangers. Ensure the hotel you choose to leave your pet has strict security measures. These help keep all animals safe when in outdoor areas. For instance, the facility should have secure fencing around the play ground. This prevents outsiders from accessing the animals and escaping with them. Also, it prevents the dogs from breaking out. A dog hotel in Los Angeles can also have surveillance cameras for added security. They can use these to monitor the pets.

2. Environment

When you take your pet for dog boarding in Los Angeles, you want to return and find it as healthy as you left it. Beddings collect fur, dander and dirt, providing ideal conditions for the growth of fleas, mites and ticks. Under these conditions, your animal may develop skin problems or other health complications. Pet bowls can also cause health issues for your furry friend. This is because they can host bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella. Mold and algae can also grow on them, especially if there are food leftovers.

Cleanliness should be a non-negotiable aspect when choosing a dog daycare. Before settling on a facility, ensure you access its environment. The best dog daycare in Los Angeles has clean floors and smells fresh. For instance, at The Wags Club, we clean the bedding regularly and wash the bowls in a sanitizing dishwasher after every use. Our space is also clutter-free to prevent injuries to your animals as they play.

3. Size of Facility

Your dog needs routine active play to maintain a loving personality. This also contributes to good physical health. When playing, a dog’s heart and joints health improve, and they get better balance and coordination. Moreover, they develop better social skills when playing with other animals.

Just like humans, pets require adequate space for playing to reduce stress. Cramped-up areas can lead to your dog feeling stressed and developing anxiety. That’s why, at The Wags Club, we provide ample play and sleep spaces for every animal. Your dog can move and play freely under supervision. We also ensure to keep animals together in the right numbers to avoid congestion and boredom.

4. Care for Sick Animals

Accidents can occur, leading to injuries to dogs. Sometimes, you can take your pet to a dog boarding center in Los Angeles when it is ill. Your furry friend will require medication at specific periods so it can recuperate. The staff at the daycare should have proper training so they can monitor and provide the right care for the sick animals. In case of injuries, the staff can give first aid and CPR. There should also be a qualified veterinarian who is available 24/7 to attend to health issues.
The dog hotel should also have an isolation facility where sick animals stay to prevent the spreading of the disease to healthy ones. Here, they can get individual attention.

5. Grooming

Grooming may not be available at most dog hotels in Los Angeles. However, it would be best to leave your furry friend at a facility where there are bathing and grooming sessions. Pet grooming is necessary to maintain animal hygiene. Through grooming, you can detect health problems before they escalate. You can notice lumps, lesions, rashes and other physical signs of ailment. Treating and managing health conditions is thus easier and faster.
At The Wags Club, we have professional pet groomers who use safe methods to remove hair and dead skin. Groomers can brush your canine pal, a process that allows free air circulation to its skin. This also acts as a massage that promotes healthy blood flow.

We also have trained groomers who trim dog nails and hair. Some dogs do not like grooming. However, at our dog hotel, we have all the right tools and adequate expertise to handle different breeds. We know the right products to use and the techniques to keep your furry friend calm for efficient grooming. Professional pet grooming at our dog hotel is not only effective but also time-saving.

6. Meals

Some dogs have special nutrition requirements depending on health conditions and age. Regardless, every animal needs a balanced diet for proper growth and health. A dog’s meal should have appropriate ratios of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water. For instance, every dog requires energy-giving foods, so they are strong enough for their daily activities. However, different animals have varying energy requirements based on growth, reproduction, activity level and breed.
Dog hotels in Los Angeles, such as The Wags Club, ensure your pet feeds on meals that meet its specific needs. We offer your canine friend high-quality foods and snacks throughout their stay with us.

7. Staff

You have to ensure your dog remains in the hands of qualified and friendly staff. When choosing between the best dog daycare in Los Angeles, make sure you evaluate their employees. Ensure the trainers, walkers, groomers and vets have the right certification. Qualified staff can manage behavioral or health changes that your pet can show during its stay at the hotel.


The Wags Club has adequately trained staff, who are more than pet caretakers. We understand that dogs respond positively to friendly treatment. Thus, all our employees are pet-loving and dedicated to meeting every dog’s unique needs. Furthermore, we ensure there is a balanced ratio of staff to animals. Every staff member commits to about ten dogs, so every one of the animals gets the deserved attention.
Dogs also require consistent routines, whether for meals, grooming sessions or playtime. This helps relieve stress as they know what to expect. Our dog walkers ensure your pet gets between 20 to 60 minutes’ walk time every day at specific times. This helps reduce homesickness and keep them active.

Hotels that provide dog boarding in Los Angeles often have websites where customers leave reviews and give ratings. Such information can help you determine if a facility is good enough to leave your furry friend. At The Wags Club, we provide dog daycare, boarding, grooming and pawcierge services. You can trust us to love, pamper and take good care of your dog in your absence. Reach out today to The Wags Club for service that prioritizes your dog’s safety and comfort.

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