How to travel when you have a pet

The idea of hitting the open road with your pet at your side can be appealing, but often it is more stressful for both you and your pet than it needs to be. Besides making all necessary arrangements for yourself, you must plan for the needs of your pet. They will need their food, any medication, and any supplies needed for walking (leash and collar, harness) and bags for picking up waste. You must plan ahead to:

  • Ensure that any hotels are pet friendly. If staying with a relative, be sure to ask their permission before bringing a pet.
  • Determine that your routes have rest stops convenient for walking your dog for potty breaks and to prevent cramping due to long trips.
  • If traveling by plane, extra steps must be taken, and the inability for your pet to be with you can cause undo stress.
  • Stop by your vet for updated records should you need to provide proof of vaccinations or should your dog be injured or become ill. It is also a good idea to research area vets, or veterinary hospitals near the location you are staying.
    It is hard to think about leaving your dog behind you when you need to travel. However, with all the extra steps that must be taken and that can add to the stress level of both your dog and yourself, consider dog boarding. More specifically, entrust your pet to the friendly staff at Los Angeles Dog Daycare. Rest assured that while you are enjoying your time away, your dog is receiving top of the line care at our luxury dog daycare. Your dog needs are our top priority. Return from your trip relaxed and happy, and pick up your pampered, stress free dog.

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