What We Do at Our Los Angeles Dog Daycare, What Makes Us Different

The Wags Club is the premier Los Angeles dog daycare providing you with specialized services to enhance the well-being of your pet. Our loving and professional staff oversee a gallery of services including daycare, boarding, grooming, training, pet concierge services, Wags Medical Club, Wag’s Travel Service, pooch parties and field trips. As you can see, we have taken care of all the details to ensure your dog has a full-resort experience, and you can conveniently assign your pet’s needs to us. Our years of experience and attention to detail has made us the number one Los Angeles Doggie Daycare.

Things That Make Us Special

The environment of our Los Angeles dog day care is second to none. At the Wags Club, your pet will experience the natural freedom of play and relaxation in a 12,000 square foot outdoor and indoor area. Both areas are equipped with pools, cabanas and constructive play equipment. Remember, your pet has lots of energy and needs creative ways to put that energy to good use. Canines enjoy active play and the companionship of their peers. Your pet will be socialized with others and will look forward to seeing their friends everyday.

Our attentive staff valets keep a careful eye on all of our members throughout the day. Just like teachers, they provide positive reinforcement and affection for a job well done. Throughout the day, our valets will keep an anecdotal record and develop a plan that suits your pet’s individuality. Our valets also provide lunch and mid-afternoon snacks followed by a daily walk.

With a strong commitment for the well-being of our members, our Dog daycare in Los Angeles features the Wags Medical Club. Your pet’s vaccines are carefully tracked and shuttled services are provided for physicals. Special accommodations are made for needed medication, and daily reports are sent home to keep you informed. You can even visit our Dog Day Care Blog for the latest health tips for your pet.

At our Los Angeles Doggie Daycare, we love to celebrate birthdays. Book a birthday party for your pet’s special day and invite your pet’s buddies. We provide all the yummy treats and fun games for all who attend on premises. Our concierge service will even plan the event outside at a dog-friendly restaurant or your pet’s favorite beach.

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