Why do I need a dog daycare?

When many people think of doggie daycare, they often do not know what to believe. They worry that their best friend is going to be penned up and left to pine after them, and they feel guilty about it. The truth of the matter is that once you find the RIGHT doggie day care, your pooch is going to be in great hands! Just like a day care for human children, a doggie day care is designed to take care of your dog, to keep it stimulated, and to help it learn and grow and play with others responsibly. What are some of the dog daycare benefits?

Excellent Socialization
At a good doggie daycare, your dog will come into contact with other dogs of all shapes, sizes and temperaments. This may be exciting for your dog, or it might be frightening, but the truth is that this is an essential part of your dog’s socialization training. A dog that is untrustworthy around other dogs is a problem, and being at the doggie daycare will allow your dog to get used to other canines in a controlled environment on a regular basis.

Good Reinforcement
A doggie day care is not a dog training center by any means, but the care givers at these places will do a lot to reinforce your dog’s existing training. They will be exercising your dogs and playing with them, and the whole time, they will be demanding good behavior. This is a great way to make sure that your dog does not forget the lessons you have worked so hard to teach them.

No matter how large or small your dog is, it needs exercise. Have you ever been nearly knocked off your feet when you walked in the door? Your dog is happy to see you, but a lot of that exuberance is energy that needs to get burned off in a big way. Instead of waiting until you get home, your dog can get regular exercise throughout the day, leading to a much more relaxed and happy dog when you get home.

It Protects Your Home and Your Dog
Some people do not crate their dogs when they leave the house, but though the dog has a little more space to roam, this can be dangerous. A dog who is neurotic and bored when left at home easily becomes destructive, and many people leave an otherwise well-behaved dog at home only to come back to a shredded couch or a destroyed comforter. On top of that, dogs left at home can get into all kinds of trouble and hurt themselves.When you are thinking about whether doggie day care or dog hotel is for you, look for the right professional option in Los Angeles. Choose a daycare that has a low ratio of dogs per handler, that makes you feel comfortable and that has been operating for a while. This is one of the best ways to take care of your dog if you work out of the home!

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