Why you should never take your dog to work again

The ability to bring your pet to the office with you is becoming a practice that is more and more widely accepted. Some workplaces are hoping that the addition of your dog to your work environment will help you remain focused, get more work done, yet also encourage you to step away from your work now and again. While in theory these are all great things for you, what about your dog?
Taking your dog to work does seem like a better alternative than leaving him home alone all day. However, you are at work to complete a task. Your dog will have to stay quiet and remain close to you all day as to not disturb your co-workers. If he needs to go to the bathroom often, or gets bored, you will have to step away from your work often. Enduring a full workday at the office is asking a lot of even the most well behaved of pets.

\Bringing your dog to work with you can be a definite advantage to leaving them at home where they will need to be cage, or where boredom can lead to destructive habits. However, an 8 hour workday can also provoke the same habits at your workplace, which can garner resentment or annoyance from bosses and coworkers. When thinking through what is the best choice for ensuring nothing but the best for your dog, consider enrolling your pet in our doggie daycare. Los Angeles Dog Daycare is a luxury doggie daycare that will provide your dog with a fun, pampering experience while you are at work.

Cage free, our 12,000-square foot facility is designed with your dog’s happiness in mind. Allow your dog to play with other dogs, and still receive one on one attention from our friendly and professional staff. While you are at work, allow your dog to be pampered with a luxury grooming experience, or go through an exclusive training session with our in-house trainer.
Safety is our top priority at Los Angeles Dog Daycare. That is why we have designated areas for large and small dogs. Play yards, which are equipped with pools, grassy areas, and all kinds of dog play equipment are closely monitored 24/7. Our professional staff encourages your dog to play safely, and have carefully accessed your dog’s personality in order to assure that the correct, positive enforcement steps are taken to keep all dogs happy and playing. The socialization that your dog will receive will be beneficial in all aspects of your dog’s life.

While we would love for it to be all fun and games, dogs need rest times as well. That is why we have designated areas that encourage rest and relaxation. These are the same areas that your dog would sleep in should you need our dog boarding services for an overnight stay.

We know you want the best for your pets, and so do we. Your pet’s every need will be granted, and every whim indulged. Never settle for a bored pet again.

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