How often does my dog need groomed?

Upon becoming a pet owner, a common question asked is how often your dog should be groomed. The answer really depends on your dog. Dogs with quick growing hair, or skin folds that require constant cleaning will need more attention than will other dogs. As a rule, every 4-6 weeks seems to be sufficient for maintaining coat health. The best way to determine how often your dog needs groomed is to take it to a professional dog groomer. They will have years of experience with a broad range of breeds, hair and skin types and will be able to give you a schedule that works for you and your dog’s needs.

There are several things that you can do at home to make sure your dog stays clean between grooming, including wiping out eyes and ears, brushing your dog’s hair at least 3 times a week, and checking paws and nails for breaks or foreign objects. While these things are helpful, there are times when a professional dog grooming service is needed. If your dog does not like his nails trimmed, for instance, it is better to leave that job for a professional staff that has the knowledge and tools for the job. Also, it can be a messy job trying to keep up with seasonal shedding.

When you have determined it is time to put your dog’s grooming needs into the hands of a professional, Los Angeles Dog Grooming is prepared to meet all of your dog’s grooming needs. Your dog will feel completely at ease in the hands of our professional staff. Allow our resident groomer to give your pet a trendy trim, and he will leave feeling like royalty. Every dog that comes through our doors is treated with the love and care they deserve.

Some of the services we have available are luxurious baths, brush-outs, pet-a-cures, anal gland expression, and sanitary cuts. We never cage dry, which ensures your dog will always be handled with love and care. While the price is subject to the size of dog, we are able to handle any size of dog with any grooming need.

Allow our staff to get to know your dog, which will help you in determining how often your pet should come to us for grooming. Although it is best to begin grooming your dog when they are very young so they are used to all aspects of grooming, our staff is trained and capable of helping your dog stay calm and even enjoy their pampering.

If your dog is a member of our Wag’s Club, a doggie daycare service for dogs, you will enjoy these services at a 20% discount. If your dog is not a member, still enjoy a 15% discount on your puppy’s birthday! Entrust your dog grooming needs to the experts at Los Angeles Dog Daycare.

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