Socialiizng Your Pup: What You Need to Know

Socialiizng Your Pup: What You Need to Know

Dogs contribute a lot of joy to our lives. But when your pet doesn’t do well around other dogs or people, it’s time to consider socializing your dog. When a dog has been socialized, it will be able to go places and meet new people with ease. Not only will your dog be more relaxed, but owners will be, too. Let’s look at a few reasons why socializing a dog will benefit both you and your canine companion.

What is Socializing?

First, let’s define what socializing is – and isn’t. It is not just introducing your dog to other canines. Socializing is making a dog comfortable with new experiences, sounds and creatures. A dog is socialized when it is relaxed around people, other dogs or in a public place.

It Creates a Healthy Adult Dog

Handling puppies early in their life will lead to a calmer, more relaxed adult dog. Socialized puppies will bond more easily with their human later on, too.

It Reduces Aggression

Socialization minimizes a puppy’s fear of new people and things. Puppies learn to accept new experiences and other animals when they are socialized. As a result, puppies will display less aggression.

Socialized Dogs Do Better at the Vet

A socialized dog is more confident in new situations. Some dogs become anxious or aggressive in new or stressful situations like visiting the vet. But a socialized dog may be more relaxed because he is comfortable experiencing new situations and interacting with different people.

It Minimizes Deeply Rooted Fears

For pups that had a rough start to life, healthy socialization can help. Socialization can include safely facing a dog’s fears, like meeting other dogs or other people. When the pup feels safe facing these fearful situations, the resulting positive feeling will benefit both you and the dog.

Park Visits are More Enjoyable

Dogs that have been socialized may still get excited when they see you pull out the leash. But socialized pups will be less anxious and show less aggression when they arrive than non-socialized ones. Visits to local parks can provide a good socialization practice for your pup with some care. Keeping your hesitant hound safely leashed and away from unfamiliar animals is best. If your dog is socialized, though, he will be able to meet and greet new four-legged friends without anxiety.

Socialized Dogs are More Relaxed

When you need to take your pup to a doggie daycare or kennel, socialization will ensure a good experience. Dogs that have been socialized will experience less stress and anxiety from being away. And pups that are relaxed and calm around other canines will ultimately have a better day thanks to their socialization experience.

Socialization Off-Leash: Dog Park vs Doggie Day Care

Taking your pup for some off-leash fun at a dog park or a doggie daycare might seem appealing options. But the similarities end when you take off your pup’s leash.

  • Dogs your pup encounters at a dog park won’t be temperament tested like they are at a doggie daycare, so aggression is always possible.
  • While dog parks can seem like a great place to socialize your dog, remember that close contact with other dogs that may not have up-to-date vaccines is possible.
  • Staff can intervene if a fight breaks out between dogs at a facility, but at a dog park owners are left to manage unruly dogs.

Does My Dog Need to Be Socialized?

Pet owners just want their pups to be healthy and happy. And providing a place for your pup to safely interact with other dogs helps to create a content canine. Your pup can always safely interact with other canines at a managed doggie daycare or pet resort. But before visiting a facility, your dog should be socialized for the best experience. Schedule an evaluation of your pup with the professionals at Wags Club to see if your dog is ready to mingle with other pups. Since socialized dogs end up happier, healthier and calmer, making sure your pup is ready to take on new experiences is beneficial not only for them but for you as well.

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