How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping On People

Tired of having groceries knocked out of your hands or getting dirty paw prints on your new clothes as you walk through the door? How about having to always go to your friends’ homes because they can’t stand being licked and jumped on whenever they come over? If so, then it’s about time to establish yourself as the leader of the pack. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can do just that and teach your dog how to calmly say hello to you and your guests.

Understand Your Dog’s Behavioral Instincts

In the canine world, it’s actually instinctual for dog’s to greet one another nose-to-nose and by sniffing each other’s faces. Since your nose is quite a bit taller than your dog’s, it’s only natural for your pooch to want to get as close to your face as possible when greeting you. While this can annoying at times, by understanding your dog’s behavioral instincts and following some of the other tips below, you can train your dog to listen to ignore its instincts and keep all four paws on the ground when it says hello.

Become the Pack Leader

A dog without a pack leader tries to assume the role themselves, often resulting in disaster for both the dog and their owner. In order to keep your dog from jumping on you and asserting themselves, you must become the pack leader by projecting an assertive yet calm energy. Therefore, you shouldn’t shower your dog with affection when you walk through the door. Instead, stay calm, remain assertive, and most importantly, communicate in a way that your dog will understand.

Follow the 3-N Rule

A puppy’s mom would never put up with jumping, biting, and other inappropriate activity. Rather than tolerate it, she would stop this behavior simply by remaining calm yet assertive and moving him or her out of the way. Not only does this teach the puppy an important boundary lesson, but her strong and ambivalent leadership establishes herself as the alpha.

Although you may have thought it was cute for your dog to come running and jumping on you when he was a puppy, but it’s best to discourage this type of behavior as early as possible. To do that, try following the 3-N Rule when greeting your dog: no talking, no touching, and no eye contact. It may seem cold, but by making it a habit to stick to this rule, your dog will learn to act accordingly and solve their jumping problem.

Ask Your Dog to Sit and Behave When You Have Guests

You don’t have to be a dog whisperer, but you do have to earn the respect of pack leader. When you do so, your dog will loyally follow your commands. Remember, animals don’t negotiate, so you shouldn’t either when asking your dog to obey your commands. That’s right. It’s time to put an end to the Milk Bone bribes.

Be a Leader All of the Time

When it comes to your loyal, loving dog, leadership isn’t something you can fake for a period of time. Inconsistency only results in anxiety and confusion for your dog. You must consistently lead if you want your dog to consistently obey.

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