How to Train Your Puppy in Santa Monica, California

Nothing is more warming than a new puppy being brought into your home. It’s wonderful until it is time to start house training. The process is made much easier when you are able to spend ample time with the puppy. I have come to believe that having a crate is important for the puppy so that it may have its own space as well as a place to be kept if it does decide to have an accident. This will also help in the cleaning process if the crate is lined with newspaper or other similar products.

The best mind set to have when house training is that a puppy is like a child. It is important to take the puppy outside at least every thirty to forty-five minutes. Waiting outside with them will give you the opportunity to praise them when they have finished; encouraging them to continue to go outside when they need to. In some cases when the dog has not gone outside, it is an option to put the dog in their crate until you take them out again. Repeat this process until the puppy has learned that outside is their personal bathroom and will even come to get you when they are ready to go out.

Getting a new puppy is a very happy moment in anyone’s life, whether they be a child, a teenager or an adult, puppies bring excitement and joy to the family. It will also bring much responsibility and work as you and your family introduce it to the rules of the house. House training is one of the first and most simple tasks learned by a new puppy. If the simple steps are followed, the puppy will learn to love being a part of your family!

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