This year, give your pet the gift of dog daycare

The holidays are quickly approaching. Have you determined what you will be getting your dog for Christmas? This year, in addition to stuffing his stocking with rawhides, new collars, and squeaky toys, consider gifting your dog with Dog Daycare. Maybe you work long hours, and know that your dog gets bored or destructive when left home alone all day. Or maybe a few days a week you run errands that your dog cant attend with you. Regardless, your dog would be thrilled with one of our doggie daycare packages.
Board your dog with us here at Los Angeles Dog Daycare and your dog will be convinced that Christmas comes year-round. Our luxury dog daycare aims to ensure that your dog’s every whim is met. Socialization with other dogs will be encouraged, but your dog will also never lack in one on one attention by our friendly and professional staff.

Dog boarding has never been so fun. Our cageless, 12,000 square foot facility is every doggies dream. Play yards contain grass, padded play areas, and pools. Yards are both indoor and outdoor, and loaded with dog friendly toys and activities to ensure that your dog is never bored.

To ensure that your pet’s safety is always forefront, play yards are monitored by professional staff 24/7. We will carefully evaluate the personalities of all present dogs and from there encourage healthy socialization, curbing any unwanted behaviors with positive reinforcement. Dogs are separated into two groups, large and small, as an extra safety precaution.

Should your dog need to rest from all the excitement, he can take advantage of our special rest areas. If a time comes when you need to have him stay the night, these are the same rest areas he would be sleeping in.

When picking out the perfect doggie daycare package, consider adding one or more of our other top of the line services. Add grooming, and allow your dog to be pampered before returning home. If your puppy needs help working through some behavioral issues, our on site trainer would be more than happy to assist. Or, perhaps you have an older dog who loves the challenge of learning new tricks. Should your pet need medical attention, they will be treated quickly and efficiently on site. Never worry about your pet when they are with us here at Los Angeles Dog Daycare. We are fully equipped to handle anything your dog may need.
This year, choose a gift for your dog that works for both you and your pet. Rest in the assurance that when you are not able to be with your pet, he is surrounded by the best that can be offered, and people who genuinely care about his well-being. With three convenient daycare packages to choose from, you are sure to find a plan that meets your needs.

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