Is Adopting a Shelter Dog a Good Idea?

Every year, nearly one million dogs are euthanized because no one is willing to give them a loving home. The solution to this heart-wrenching problem is simple: adopt your next dog from your local animal shelter! There are tons of loyal, lovable, and adoptable dogs out there waiting for a happy home right now. Unfortunately,

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Find a dog daycare you can trust

Before you open your home to a dog, you naturally think about the benefits and responsibilities that come along with pet ownership. Dogs are comforting and can bring a lot of laughter and happiness into your home, but those pleasures only come after you have provided healthy food, endless bowls of water, daily walks and

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How To Find a Friend For My Dog?

Dogs, like people, are social beings. This is especially true for dogs who have been accompanying humans since the 15th century. Having company benefits dogs in physical, mental, and spiritual ways that no amount of chew toy or backyard space can replace. So, how do you find a friend for your dog and possibly his/her

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