Dog Daycare Benefits You May Now Know

Dog Daycare Benefits You May Now Know

Dog daycare facilities provide your dog with a place to run and play while you are busy at work. Considering how most pet parents work outside the home, taking your dog to a daycare facility is not spoiling Fido; it is providing him with an outlet for energy. Furthermore, your dog will get to be around other dogs in a safe environment.

One dog daycare worker with years of experience stated that dog daycare facilities were “the greatest happening for dogs since freeze dried liver treats.” According to this pet lover, dog daycare facilities help to meet the unique needs of dogs. Socialization is important for dogs. In this instance, your dog will get socialization with humans other than his owner (for certain breeds this is extremely important). In addition, your dog will also be socialized to other dogs. Again, for certain breeds, socialization to other dogs is highly important.

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Why you shouldn’t leave you dog alone at home

Dogs left alone for a great deal of time, particularly dogs with a need to “work” (think a Golden Retriever) and dogs that have a great deal of energy (a Jack Russell Terrier, for instance) can greatly benefit from a dog daycare facility. These dogs are great family dogs, but they crave interaction with humans. Plus, they need an outlet for their high energy reserves. At dog daycare, these dogs will not only be allowed to run and play, but they will be cared for by dog loving humans that know how to properly give them exercise.

Dog daycare facilities today can afford to be a little picky with their clients. This doesn’t mean that the average dog cannot attend a dog daycare facility, but it does mean if a dog is thought to pose a safety risk to others, that canine will not be allowed at the facilities. By screening attendees, dog daycare facilities ensure that the dogs in attendance are safe and can play without the threat of being hurt by another dog. Most facilities also separate dogs by size, meaning larger dogs will be allowed to play together while smaller dogs are given their own area to roam. The safety of all dogs at a daycare facility is valued, and daycare directors screen their patrons for this reason.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to your dog attending a dog daycare facility is the fact that she will receive ample attention and playtime. Dogs that get bored, particularly working breeds, tend to become destructive or otherwise develop bad habits if they are left alone for hours at a time at home. A dog’s attendance at a daycare facility is sure to wear them down and make them more manageable at home. Finally, you won’t have to feel guilty as a pet parent that you left Fido at home alone all day. Dog daycare facilities will give your dog socialization opportunities plus ample exercise, leaving you worry-free as a pet parent.

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