Is doggie daycare good for dogs

Is doggie daycare good for dogs

A quality doggie daycare program will be beneficial for your pup in many ways. With all of the benefits, it’s difficult to find a reason as to why not enroll your puppy. The Wags Club us the best dog daycare in Los Angeles.

Why Dog daycare is a good idea


Just like child day care, the most beneficial aspect of doggy daycare is socialization. Dogs are naturally social creatures. In the wild, their descendants thrive in packs. Today, domesticated dogs are bred to be dependent on others. Dogs do not like being left alone all day long. They may even become depressed if left alone too much. No matter how big of backyard they have to run around in by themselves, dogs prefer to play with others. Sending your loved one to daycare while you are away will keep the blues at bay. Doggie daycares have lots of other dogs of different breeds, ages and personalities for your pup to interact with.


No matter how many toys you lay out, dogs become bored when left alone all day long. And boredom often leads to trouble. Bored dogs dig through trash to find food scraps, rip toilet paper off the roll and tear open couch cushions. At puppy daycare, your dog is under constant supervision by qualified human care takers. So even if their curiosity takes over, someone will be there to keep them away from trouble.

Keeps your stuff safe

An upset and lonely dog leads to ripped couch cushions and chewed shoes. A nervous and lonely dog leads to “presents” left on expensive carpeting. If you have a dog that cannot be trusted alone, doggie daycare is a great option.


Just like their human owners, dogs need daily exercise. That is hard to accomplish if you are away. Most dogs will not do laps up and down the hallway alone. When dogs are around other humans or other dogs, they are more likely to run and play. A bored dog left alone may just nap all day long. The best doggie daycare in Los Angeles have exercise time as part of their daily routine. There will be plenty of toys and space for your pooch to get their zoomies out. Bonus – there is no need to feel guilty if you are too tired after a long day of work to exercise your dog because you know they’ve been active at daycare.

Ease of Anxiety of Other Dogs

Daycare allows your dog to meet and socialize other dogs in a neutral and safe environment. This can ease the anxiety of coming across new dogs in the future. Your fur baby may even make friends with the other dogs.

Ease of Separation Anxiety

Dogs that develop separation anxiety will whine while their owner is away. Not only is this annoying for your neighbors, it is stressful on your fur baby. At doggy daycare, your dog is constantly around other human caretakers and canine friends. Having a happy place to go to while you two are separated will keep anxiety at bay.

Mentally Stimulating

Not only can the provided activities at doggie daycare keep your dog physically exercised, but it is also mentally stimulating. Being in a different environment can shake things up for your pup. A good daycare keeps your dog stimulated with playtime and walks in a new environment. But do not fret over overstimulation – good doggie daycare facilities also offer nap times and a place for your pup to rest.


If you are looking for doggy daycare for puppies, you will definitely want a program that focuses on training. A qualified staff will positively reinforce good behavior. They will also help deter unwanted behavior such as barking, chewing, or howling. This extra form of reinforcement aids in obedience training. You may find that your dog behaves better overall after spending some time at daycare. Puppy daycare places extra emphasis on training.


The best doggie daycare in Los Angeles will have employees trained in administering medication. Good facilities are disinfected frequently and kept clean to prevent your fur baby from picking up sickness. Even better, some programs will track your dog’s vaccines and shuttle your dog to their veterinarian appointments if needed.

Along with medication, quality doggie daycares help regulate your dog’s diet. Look for a staff that is well trained in canine nutrition. If your dog has any special feeding needs, be sure to make these known to staff.

Dog Grooming

The best daycare centers offer dog grooming. Bathing and proper nail care are important parts of a dog’s overall health. Look for grooming deals included in Los Angles doggy daycare membership programs.


Unlike child day care, doggy daycare does not have to be every single day. Your pooch can still reap the benefits of doggie daycare no matter how frequent. Some owners will drop their dogs off a few times a week, just for a couple of hours while doing errands, or while on vacation.


How much is doggy daycare? You may be surprised to find it is actually very affordable. Many Los Angeles doggie daycare facilities offer memberships and packages so the more you go, the more you save.

Owner Ease of Mind

Doggy daycare benefits the pet owners, too! It can give you peace of mind. Knowing your precious pup is looked after by professionals is more than enough of a reason for some owners to sign up for doggie daycare.

Is Doggy Daycare a Good Fit For My Dog?

It is important to note that not every dog is good fit for doggy daycare. The dogs who benefit the most from daycare are the ones who are outgoing, playful, get along well with other animals, and need lots of exercise. Although dogs can get a lot of socialization from daycare, it is not the best place to socialize a very timid dog. It is not good to take a dog who is intensely afraid of other dogs and throw them into an environment with lots of other dogs for hours at a time. Likewise, a dog who is very territorial and tends to fight other dogs will be stressed out in this environment. Before considering daycare, make sure your dog is comfortable around others. If you are not sure how well your dog will do at daycare, you can always try a temperament test.

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Temperament Test

Before being admitted to a doggy daycare program, your dog will have to pass a temperament test. This is a short “test” of sorts to see how your precious pooch will react in a daycare environment. If they are deemed too aggressive or anxious, you can always enroll them in training classes before trying out daycare again.

What is the Best Doggie Daycare Near Me?

The Wags Club is a Los Angeles doggie daycare that has qualified staff and offers services such as training, grooming, boarding, and even puppy birthday parties!

What is the Best Doggie Daycare Near Me for Puppies?

The Wags Club does include doggy daycare for puppies and even offers training school. Best of all, the experts will work with you to carry training over into your home.

How much is doggy daycare?

Packages range from $350-$1,200 and include extras such as baths and overnight boarding.

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